My story start when i was seven i started peeping and pooping in my pants for months. So my mom though i want to be a baby again. So she came to me told me she had a surprise for me in the dinner room. So i went into the dinner room there was my mom in the dinner room. When i got into the dinner room. My mom told me to take off my shirt. So ask my mom why do you want me to take off my shirt. My mom said to me do you want to know why? And i said yes then i will tell you why you being peeping and pooping in your pants for months so i am turning you into a baby. So i pull my shirt off then my mommy made me lay on a mat in the dinner room after i laid on the mat in the dinner room. My mommy pulled the rest of my clothes off. I had no clothes on the next thing i know my mommy was putting baby oil on my body. After the baby oil was all over my body. My mommy then lift my legs and put a baby diaper under my butt then put baby powder on my body and my mommy rubbed it in after my mommy rubbed it in my mommy pull the baby diaper up between my legs and locked it with the tabs first on left side then the right. After the baby diaper was on then my mommy found me baby shirt that would fit me and then to the park where my mommy show me off with nothing on but a Baby shirt and a diaper then we came home every time my mommy did things for me as a baby i love it after we got home put me on the floor and handed me a baby bottle out of my diaper bag the baby bottle had in it baby milk
diapersmichaels1983 diapersmichaels1983
31-35, M
Nov 4, 2014