I Can't Drive My Truck Because Of "my Problem"!

For years, I earned my living (and loved) driving a truck.
Out on the open road, the different experiences, the differnet people I'd meet.
It was never dull, it was my life!

well, a few months ago he problem started.
Not to sound "off", but I could live with a few drips, even a dribble.
But it cemae so bad after jsut a few weeks.
by the time I got into my home area to see a doctor, it was like a 500 PSI fire hose that almost lifted me out of my driver's seat when "Old Faithful" erupted.

Seriously, thank goodness I own my truck and no one else had to use it becuase it was like I ate asparagus all day too!
(turns out the odor was a vitaminsulphur level issue my bloodstream was having.

Well, the doctor has me trying a contraption that is like a condom with a funnel. The diapers were no use. I was going through about a dozen a day .
my wife calls me her BIG BABY  and I hate it!!!!!!
I swear I'll punch in the face the next time she says it! I will!

can anyone pleae tell me how to cope qwith this new problem?

-Gary fane
garyfane garyfane
3 Responses Apr 30, 2012

i too drive, and have a bladder thats likes to revolt at the most inoppatune time.. i haul doubles and as you know most smaller rest areas don't have room to park 102 ft of train. But i do use diapers/ and pull on style pants, but i use tena pads inside them..and found depends silluwuttes works great....yes womens , but i found sitting i need the protection further down and this set up works...but this is something you have to figure out for your self. As for your wife you need to talk to her, my wife still makes comments once in awhile but she the one who buys the depends silluettes and tena pads...oh the pads are overnight absorb. I buy the desposible diapers . walmart brand assurence brand. good luck..... if you are ever in the east holler on 19 for midway and if i'm in ear shout i'll shout back... keep the geasey side down and the shiney side up..bugs off your bumper and bear off your ***...

I can understand the cost can be huge for you but you need to be checked out by a continence care nurse. They can advise you on the best disposible to wear. Wear a thick terry cloth nappy and plastic pants at night and sleep on a kylie to absorb the extra pee you happen to make. Your wife means no harm but tell her to stop saying that as you don't appreciate being called that..It sounds like a urodome what your Doctor has you trying. Is it attached to a catheter bag ? Take care

I feel for you Gary. I used to wear drive. and though I didn't have the problem as bad as you, I soaked many a diaper. You may have to get used to what the Dr. is providing for you. It's just one of those things in life. <br />
<br />
As far as your wife knows, have a heart to heart with your wife, and let her know that what she calls you really bothers you, and you would appreciate it if she stopped. <br />
<br />
Best of luck to you.<br />