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This is difficult for me, as I never really talk about this. Since I was a baby, I have wet the bed. I was teased, called a baby, stinky, ect(even though I shower frequently). I was punished at home, and because of this, mornings were never pleasant. I HATED having to start my laundry, and knowing my siblings were watching me take my wet sheets to the washer. I was never allowed to go to camp, and very seldom allowed to spend the night at a friends' house. Later on in life, I have had a very difficult time finding sleeping arrangements for me and any s/o I've had. I keep hoping that like my mom, I will suddenly wake up dry one morning, and never wet again. I am tired of being enuretic!!
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I'd love to chat with you and offer some advice if ur interested add and msg me

I am actually taking a pill now that has stopped my wetting, thankfully.

Oh well thats good so you never wet at all now?

Nope!! :-D

Well that's good I'm sure its nice not having pale yellow stains in ur panties anymore how long have you been dry

About a year and a half now.

Did you go all through your teens a wetter then?

Yes. It was a life-long issue until I started that pill.

That must have been diffacult for you as a teenager especially when you couldn't just go pee right when you needed to go

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Are things going any better?

Actually yes. Aim taking a pill, DDAVP, that has eliminated the problem. :-)!!!

Thank you. It seems making my peace with it is the best thing I can do, cause honestly at this point in time in my life, I don't believe that will happen. Basically I need to change how I view my enuresis. And it seems to me that the happiest enuretics are the ones who have done exactly that.

Without doubt the best way forward is accepting the problem and getting on with life. Since embracing it and I have never been more happy and contented with my life.

Some of us have to endure the problem of enuresis all our lives. As a kid I was a chronic bedwetter. I was seldom dry until after I was 11 years old and then I was wet more often than not during my teens. My way of dealing with the problem was to accept it and eventually embrace it. I understand for most this seems gross and maybe even disgusting but like many others on here it really helped. The one thing I will say is bedwetting isn't really such a big deal. There are far worse things in life. Sheets wash, practice good personal hygene and get on with your life. Don't let a simple thing like bedwetting get you down.