Bedwetting Started Almost 2 Years Ago, In Mid Life

As a kid I still wet the bed till my 16th year when it kinda stopped. I had made my own soaker inserts for my underwear and I could fit into toddler Gerber plastic pants. I actually took 2 pair and sewed them to make a pair big enough for me. I kept my bed dry that way as a kid. Almost 2 years ago it started happening again. After wetting 7 times I finally broke down and told my wife, I had to...she was supportive and said get some protection and wear it every night. I've done that and it's saved the bed and bedding. It took a lot of trial and error to get it right due to leaks. The small of the back is the tricky part. Laying on my back, that is the place leaks occured and I couldn't figure out how to protect for that. What I do now is put on a Depends belted pad on after I cut 12 long slits in the outer side to allow fluid to pass through. Then I put on a Depends super absorbency brief over that. Next I put on women's control top full cut brief because the holds the protection close to my body and prevents most leaks. I have a thick 8 layer cotton incontinent brief I put on over the top because that catches the leak from the small of my back, then high back plastic pants over that. I've found this works the best so far and there is a washable waterproof pad under the sheet just in case. Most of the time this system works perfect for me.
nw47guy nw47guy
Dec 16, 2012