Confessions of a Lifelong Bed & Pants Wetter

I have always wet my bed and wet my pants many times. As a child my parents had a terrible time getting me out of nappies and clean and dry in time to start school. Although I was just out of nappies during the day at 5 years old I was in them at night because of my constant bed wetting until I was about 7 or 8 years old. During my first year or so at school I had many wetting accidents and often came home with wet pants. My teacher kept spare clothes for me if she found me wet. If no one noticed I just stayed wet as it never bothered me. My parents took me out of nappies at night when I was about 8 years old but I continued to wet my bed most nights and from then on slept in several pairs of underpants and lay on a towel to soak up the pee. All through my childhood my bed was always damp and smelly and sometimes soaking wet but it never worried me. My parents tried all kinds of punishments to try and get me dry. I often had my nose rubbed in my wet bed and was usually made to sleep in the same unchanged wet bed for several nights in a row. They thought being cold wet and uncomfortable would make me stop wetting, It was at first but soon I just got used to it and often chose to sleep in the same wet bed rather than admit that I had wet yet again. It never worked anyway, in fact it probably had the opposite effect as by the time I was about 11 or 12 years old I had started wetting on purpose. At first this was out of lazines as I was so used to sleeping in a wet bed that when I found that I could wake when I needed to pee at night I usually just wet my bed and went back to sleep. Soon I started to realise I actually enjoyed the feeling of wetting and laying in my soaking bed and started wetting before I went to sleep so I could spend the whole night in my wetness. I wet on purpose all through my teens and still wet in my sleep as well but as I grew older this became less often. My parents got sick of trying to get me dry at night and I was left to get on with it. I was expected to take care of my own wet sheets, pants or nappies which I sometimes wore. I never knew for certain but I suspected my mother knew I did it on purpose but nothing was ever said about it. I just got lectured about being lazy and dirty, still wetting my bed in my teens. These lectures were often just before bed and the first thing I usually did following such a talking to was go to bed and have a nice long pee before falling asleep in my wetness. I did stop wetting on purpose for a while at the end of my teens and in to my early 20's though if I had a lot to drink or got drunk I usually wet in my sleep. I guess I would be about 21 or 22 when the urge to wet the bed came back and at first I ignored it but eventually it became too strong. I couldn't sleep properly one night so I put on several pairs of pants and wet myself in bed. The feeling was awsome and brought all the memories flooding back. It wasn't long before I was wetting again most nights. Since then I have wet my bed when ever I have felt like it. I do have dry spell but it is never long before I get the urge to be wet. Recently I have regressed in to sleep wetting again and am enjoying waking most mornings soaking wet with no recollection of doing it. 


It's not my history, I've take it from here:

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I've always wanted to wet the bed but never actually done it

I think you need a bed wetting partner and maybe peeing on each other. That would be most satisfying.

It was originally written by me.

same for me

First off, I don't think spanking is going to help any bedwetter! Oh and yes I agree that adult wetting the bed are a result in how we were treated as boy bedwetters. I had so much stress about wetting that I lost sleep over it and ended up rubbing my own face in the pissy sheets. I wiggled my whole body in the pissy wettness and spanked myself for it. I wanted to stop so bad. Oh and I too had my first ****** in a wet bed. My first was humping my soaked toddler disp diapers in the morning.

I wet on purpose more often than not during my teens and had many ******* humping wet sheets.

so true i think it all steams back to then as it did for me and have been told it is also a result of having my first orgams in a wet bed as i lay there rubbing my **** into the hard plastic sheet under me covered in my **** as i felt this amasing urge thought i was wetting mybelf again it felt so good i keeped doing though my teens

I think many of us wet the bed as adults as a direct result of our childhood expiriences I know I do.

yes this is my story as well up to 12 nothing really happened regarding my bedwetting i would get my face rubbed in it and spanked but that was it till my 12th birthday when it all changed. My birthday was on a Monday and when i came to the kitchen that morning still in my wet pjs dad gave me a long skinny box when i opened the box there was a long thick leather belt he told me to take it to my room as he followed behind me he told me to hang the belt on the back on my bedroom door when this was done he then told me to get out of my wet things and give him all my pjs he then looked at my wet bed and said there will be only one wash day in this house boy that being a Sunday and from now on you will sleep naked as he gave me back all my pjs and told me to go and put them in the bin. <br />
That night as i got into my cold wet bed feeling sorry for myself . nothing more was said about the bedwetting or the fact i now had to sleep naked in my **** every night till Saturday night when before bed dad just said :boy stay in bed till i have been in: by this time there were 5 nights of **** i had to sleep in it stunk and was so cold it would take me months to get used to getting into a cold wet bed and specially since it was winter made it harder. As i lay there that Sunday morning in yet another night of wetting I could not think what dad ment by stay in bed do not rise till he had been in as i heard the door of his room open and and came in to mine closing the door taking the belt from off the door then coming to my bed. he pulled the blankets back told me to get on my stomach as he pulled on my ankles till my face was in the wettest part as he first rubbed my face in it saying smell you are going to be punished boy as he held my face there. Then came the first second third fourth then filth stroke of that elt to my wet naked *** he would then stop rubbing my face in it again before the next five stroke then again a face rubbing till he had given me 25 strokes before putting the belt down and telling me to hang it back up then to take my soiled things to the bath room where i had to wash them by hand till every **** stain was gone which would take hours. He would come in from time to time to check when he felt they were clean he would give me a pair of shorts to put on then take the sheet out and hang on the line when i returned he would send me to the toilet pull my pants to my ankles make me put my hands on my head where i had to stay till the shet were dry then i was permitted to bring them in and wipe down my plastic sheet before making my bed again. as i got older the number of stroke would increase and there would be other punishment introduced like one Saturday night when i was about to go to bed he said where are you going **** boy as i told him he said no tonight you are sleep on the toilet floor as he made me grab my soiled sheet to use as a pillow and made me lie there on the cold toilet floor as he said well since you like to sleep in a toilet then you may as well sleep here. thank goodness it was the middle of summer so a hot night. during my teen i sleeped there about six time. and other time was when i was 16 and it was a Friday night and the house was full and he called my four brother to my room and he pointed at my bed (i always had to pull the blankets right back every morning) and said since your brother thinks this is the toilet you are all to just use it as such when you need to pee where he is in it or not. by Sunday my bed was a mess as i got the normal thrashing and that morning it toke four hour to get the sheet clean. I stop wetting the bed by 17 so only had to put up with that twice more. these days i love every thing to do with my bedwetting right down to getting punished for it again like the old days

I had a friend at school like that at home if he wet him self which he often did no one seemed to care. He always had a wet patch in his shorts. He was always in trouble at school for wetting his pants. He wet the bed just like me. My Aunt cleaned at his their house and told my mother he wet every night.

my borther and sister did not real wet the bed justthere pants during the day but no one cared if they did or did not but then they could do no worng many times it seemed

I was the only bedwetter in our family.

in some ways it is also my story except one of my parents things was making me wear my wet under pants on my head in the house or out in the yard,<br />
<br />
funny my sister or my brother could wet them selfs and no one seemed to care, but if i was found with wet pants all H broke lose<br />
i know many time my sister and cousin would wet them self the we would walk home and they would run into the house yelling at my mother i had peed my pants on the way home then run to sister bed room and get dry panties on and stand there like nothing had happened<br />
<br />
will write more someday

Yes it is my story