Was a Pro Domme And...

Even though I got unceremoniously fired from the dungeon for not bringing in clients...


I have an interview on Friday with a body-positive erotica website in my local area who doesn't discriminate because of my wheelchair...wish me luck.

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I would think that **** featuring those in wheelchairs would be accepted as just another part of 'reality ****' if it were being posted on the net, and would be far more erotic for most people than those plastic ****-types who treat it as a fetish rather than a part of daily life for many people. Fly-on-the-wall stuff with the wheelchair-bound would be as erotic as any other reality-themed ****, for example Abby Winters and ifeelmyself beats barbie-doll **** hands-down just be having static cameras and real people just doing their own thing in their own sweet time without a sc<x>ript. Unfortunately there don't appear to be many matures on those sites yet, which would also be erotic for the same neighbour-next-door reasons.

I'm just struggling to find an in-home beauty therapist to groom me before...but yes.

I was wondering how it went! How exciting!!!! Are you going to show your piercing "down there"? :-)

I am working on my first folio now for the site. :)

This just sounds soooo cool!

How did it go?

I'm only doing it to fulfil myself and perhaps my King. If others find happiness then please express it respectfully for my heart is reserved for one man only.

Dear,I will be very happy to read the story about this from you.I will be very happy If you can enjoy it and make us partners in your enjoyment.

Thanks Mia! I am very hyped... :)

It means they don't subscribe to fake, traditional **** stereotypes... it will just be me, solo, expressing myself on cam....no false excitement, no horny men....just me.