Testing Nappies

I decided to do a few tests for myself and usually go for normal toddler type nappies or dry nights pyjama pants but thought i would give some adult nappies a go and so far this is what I have found...

Not sure if this is a story as such but not sure where else to share the info...

Dry nights are actually cheaper at the mo for starters and have pretty designs on them...

tena comfort mini super i found just about held one bladder full.

tena pants super actually held two full wettings and remained feeling quite wet...

tena slip maxi i found quite noisy and it got very thick so wouldn,t be discreet in public.

I still have a few more to try....

does anyone else have any other findings?
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I would love to have you wear some plastic panties with your other test diapers I really love plastic panties and when a woman wears them it is awesome

I find the DryNites very good and the Tena Pants (the high capacity ones) - neither are ideal for wearing out for males because you have to take your shoes and trousers completely off to change them. I usually wear Tena Flex if I am planning to wet myself enough to need a change whilst out. They are proper nappy style so you just need to drop your trousers.
Also good, as I don't like wearing plastic panties in bed as they are so hot I find the DryNites Bed Mats good for catching any leakage. They have tacky corners so they stick lightly to the bottom sheet. Most nights I don't get leaks so one is good for several days.

If you can find Euron Forms, give the Super Plus a try. They're great for the price (about half the price of Abenas or Tena) and don't leak through the backing like Lille/Kendalls do.

I have just started wearing Abri M4 during the day, work very well hold a lot, but a little bit bulky not that anyone has said anything (so far) so tomorrow I will try wearing a stuffer and that should keep going all day at work.

I have found Sainsbury,s own brand basics surprisingly good! No leaks and no plastic pants on top and very discreet too

Glad I read this. I hope you will keep up the post and tell us what you think is best. It's good information and it's also arousing.

Abri-form x-plus medium are good for day use, and with a booster pad last overnight.<br />
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Attends medium 10 are also good.<br />
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My favourites (disposable) have to be Kendall/Lille Supreme. Not so discrete because they are thick, but very absorbent without needing night boosters.<br />
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Plastic pants over them help stop embarassing leaks for a while.<br />
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Try a good old-fashioned terry nappy at night, with plastic pants over them. Far more absorbent than any disposable, especially at the sides. Rinse them out in the shower in the morning, then in the wash machine. Save £100's over a couple of years, as adult disposables are not cheap!<br />
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Just my tanner's worth! :)

i wear nappies every day all day usualy an abriform medium x plus (punctured) under a lendercare nighttime large and this combo works for me no leaks

I think it all depends on how many times you empty your bladder or bowel in your sleep, you do poop to don't you<br />
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With nappies like the Tena Slips it all depends what you wear over them. Jeans prevent noticeable noise from most nappies, even more so if you wear regular underwear over the nappy as well. And again, the bulge isn't noticeable unless someone is really looking for it, as long as you don't wear tight clothing that really shows the outline of your nappy!

I wear baggy, loose fitting clothes over my tena maxi and plastic pants. To hide the outline I wear a pair of Lycra cycling shorts over the plastic pants