Put In Nappies At 16 By My Best Friend’s Parents – Mum Was All Part Of The Plan!

by Don Buxton

I am afraid this article is rather long but the background is important and I cover other things that those who write fictional stories conveniently ignore. For example, do parents who keep their boy in nappies 24/7 after puberty appreciate that they do need to ********** for proper development. I explain how my Mum dealt with this. I am writing it just five months before my 19th birthday and I am ‘contractually obliged’ to still be in nappies despite the fact that I am working a gap year before going to university. Since my Mum is prepared to finance my time at uni she has the upper hand. At least whilst at work I can avoid wetting them even though I have to wear them.
I have a little penis which works very well with nappy wearing and does afford a lot more opportunities to be humiliated, the anticipation of which really excites me. When it is actually happening I just want the ground to swallow me up. Then I enjoy reflecting on it afterwards so I wouldn’t trade it in it for a bigger model! Its size is also the reason it is referred to here mostly by baby names.
There is only 7 weeks in age between my friend Duncan and myself. As will become clear, knowing Duncan is what got me into nappy wearing. He was born in February and I in April. We only live two doors apart and our mothers were friends long before we were born and, even more so being pregnant at the same time, attending the same pre and post-natal clinics etc. And of course they were able to help each other bringing us up as babies.

The Beginnings
It followed that Duncan and I were friends from the beginning and went to school together and did practically everything else together. There was nothing unusual about our formative years, ‘things’ really had their beginning shortly after we had both had our 8th birthdays. We were climbing trees in my back garden. Duncan went too far along a branch that then broke and he fell to the ground. He was badly injured and couldn’t move. I told him to keep still and I would get help and ran back to the house and asked my Mum to call an ambulance, quickly explaining what had happened. She asked if he was awake and I confirmed he was. Fortunately she didn’t waste time to check if I was right but called the ambulance. She said she would call Duncan’s Mum, and asked me to grab a couple of blankets and cover him but he mustn’t move. I rushed up the garden followed shortly by my Mum and within a couple of minutes, Duncan’s Mum. He was crying and so was I. Anyway, to cut a long story short Duncan spent several weeks in hospital, I believe he had a broken pelvis and other bits in that area.
The outcome of the injury was that he could only walk unaided for shortish distances, but needed a stick or wheel chair depending on terrain or duration otherwise. He also lost control of his bladder. As a consequence he had to wear nappies. I looked after him at school by helping him walk or pushing him from class to class in his wheelchair, and to the playground. I would take him to be changed. There was no bullying. At that age obviously I was too young to help change him, but later on I could. Thinking back, my help probably made a major contribution to him not having to go to special needs school.
He did have to go into hospital from time to time but with my help, encouraged by his parents he did not have to drop down a year at school. After the first year the hospital visits could usually be fitted in during school holidays. I think helping him keep up with the school syllabus reinforced my learning too.
By the time we were 11 he could actually change himself but it was fiddly he and couldn’t do the best job with baby powder etc. He told me he liked his parents changing him and at some stage I asked if he would like me to help and he said he would and I quickly became pretty good at it. He said he liked wearing nappies although having the choice would be nice. His parents leant that I was helping when needed and thanked me, saying what a good friend I was.
Once we were 12 I was allowed to take Duncan out by myself in his wheelchair as they regarded me as being responsible. There was a wood almost opposite our houses and although it was fenced off from the road there was a gap in the hedge in a lane at the side that was wide enough for the wheel chair to go through. There was a good track to follow on the other side. It was pretty wide and pretty solid because the wood had been used by the Canadian Army during the Second World War for exercises that included the use of tanks.
The track ultimately took us to twin lakes, via a farmyard and a stream. We never saw anyone in the yard and used to stop and drink some of the molasses out of a 45 gallon drum that stood upright on a stand and had a tap. Apparently this was used to feed to the cows. It probably wasn’t deemed fit for human consumption but we never considered that and it tasted lovely.
Not really part of this story but two memories that really stand out from the visits to the woods, was seeing a cow being born but most fantastically watching weasels play, go into a tiny hole and seemingly fold their bodies in two to come out again; absolutely incredible. How I would love to see this magical site again.
The stream attracted us and we used to hide the wheel chair in the bushes and I would help Duncan down to the bank. We would ***** naked so we didn’t get our clothes wet. At least that is what we told ourselves. I think really we just liked to be naked. We weren’t sexually aware at that age but we both got a thrill out of it. One day we found a large tree root floating in the stream and were able to use it as a raft. The stream was slow moving and only about 10ft wide and the water only came up to around our dangly bits. I would climb aboard and then assist Duncan to get on. This was a favourite activity in the school summer holidays. We tied up the ‘raft’ when we left and it was always there when we returned the next year. No one ever saw us in the several summers we have gone there. We just told our parents we were going to the woods, they would tell us what time to be back and that was it.
I often used to put on one of Duncan’s spare nappies and pee in it. I say often, actually it was whenever I got the chance. I loved the feel of them hugging me tight, and then the feel of the warm pee filling them. I usually wore the DryNites for 8-15 year olds. (I still can, going on 19). They were patterned which gave me a babyish feel. The problem for Duncan was that with his big willy when he got hard it would poke out the top so the circumstances in which he could wear them was limited.
We had a friend called Simon who was in our class at school and he started coming to the stream with us from the second year of discovering it. After an initial reticence he joined in. I think he was shy about his little willy and when he saw mine was smaller, lost his shyness enjoying both being naked and wearing a nappy!
Duncan and I were at the stream the summer after we had become 15 and he told me he had come for the first time a few days previously and it felt fantastic. He was in bed asleep and woke up to feel himself *********** in his nappy. I was very interested and he started to play with himself and got hard and asked me if I would like to touch him. He had a massive willy, three inches longer than mine both erect! I played with him for a little while and started to ********** him as I got hard. He ********** in great excitement and asked if I would like to try and without the need for an answer took me in hand. He didn’t seem to mind that my **** was so much smaller. I came for the first time. There was a slight pain and then ecstasy as my ***** shot into the stream. After that we played with one another a lot both in the woods and at home when our parents were out.

The Transition to Full Time Nappy Wearing!
The next year during the Easter holiday (I turned 16 a couple of days before) Duncan phoned excitedly to say that his Mum was going away on a four day course the next Monday and wondered if I would like to stay over help look after him. His parents still changed his nappy most of the time, seeming to enjoy it and he was happy to let them.
Very oddly he said we could share his bed but his parents thought I ought to wear a nappy at night too, if we did. I had no idea if this was their suggestion or if he asked but I was thrilled at the thought and certainly did not spend any time analysing it. They had suggested I came over for the weekend before she went away (only a couple of days from the phone call). I checked with my Mum who said that was fine. I only had to pack a few things. I didn’t need to take a full change of clothes as I could nip home anytime. As Duncan’s dad worked during the day I was hoping we could spend a lot of the time just wearing nappies and a top and making out. It wasn’t quite warm enough to go without a top and certainly too cold to go naked out doors. It became pretty well compulsory that we always wore our nappies uncovered indoors. Duncan often did anyway.
Duncan had found some nappy wearing friends aged from 14 to about 23 via the Internet and we had been to a couple of nappy parties. Duncan’s Dad actually drove the three of us and provided the hotel for the overnight stays. I don’t know what reason Simon gave, but presumably since Duncan’s Dad was taking us it wasn’t a problem. He was just meeting some Internet friends so far as him Mum was concerned. I think Duncan’s Dad just thought it was a party of friends who were in a similar situation to Duncan, and was comfortable that Simon and I were going to look after him, as they would not really want a parent around.
The common bond was that they all wore nappies. Most wore them secretly. A couple were in the same situation as Duncan, that is, they had no control of their bladder. Surprisingly though, about 4 or 5 of the group were allowed by their parents to wear them just because they asked if they could. How cool was that! Simon and I wore nappies at the parties so fully fitted in.
I digress. . . We agreed that I would actually go over on the Friday. I couldn’t wait for bedtime but that was a few hours away and we had to have dinner first. Duncan’s parents always said he had to go to bed rather earlier than normal for his age because he needed more rest than the average mid teenager.
His parents thought, or at least used the ruse that I would disturb him if I didn’t go to bed at the same time. They didn’t need a ruse, I would have been very disappointed not to have done so! Bedtime was therefore 9:30 and at 9:20 Duncan’s Dad said “I think we had better get the boys ready for bed darling.” His wife agreed and we headed up stairs. Duncan could make it up the stairs by himself, holding onto the banisters.
We went to Duncan’s bedroom and as we approached his Dad said to his wife “If you like to sort Duncan out I will see to Don.” As soon as we got into the bedroom Duncan slipped his jeans down and sat on the bed so his Mum could pull them off whilst he took his top off. Duncan’s Dad said “Slip your top off Don.” and started to undo my jeans as I did – I felt both shy and thrilled simultaneously. Fortunately shy enough not to get an erection as he slipped the jeans off, then my socks followed by my briefs (I hate boxers).
Meanwhile Duncan had lain on the very nice changing table they had acquired for him many years before and his Mum was removing his nappy. His Dad said to me that although nappies were very absorbent they were still damp to the skin and they didn’t feel it was hygienic to have pubic hairs continuously damp so it would be best if he shaved me. It was interesting that they just assumed I would wet them!
Of course, I knew Duncan kept shaved but had not given any thought to them doing the same to me but I certainly loved the idea although I was careful not to show enthusiasm so just said rather meekly ‘Yes sir.” I didn’t usually call anyone ‘sir’ other than school teachers, but it just seemed more appropriate than ‘Mr Arnold’.
He picked up a nappy and off we went to the bathroom. I didn’t have an awful lot of pubic hair so it wasn’t a major task disposing of it but I did get aroused now and Mr Arnold just matter-of-factly moved my **** around to keep it from obstructing the razor. Shaved pubes transpired to be another big turn on, enhancing the babyishness of me little willy! He applied some cream then puffed some baby powder on to his hand and rubbed it round my ball sac and in my groin. “I am going to try these DryNites slip-ons” he said “they should fit you snuggly and contain your little willy adequately.” I blushed but still loved the humiliation, once again just meekly said “Yes sir” as he slid the nappy into place and then reached inside to adjust my ****. “There we are” he said and patted my bum as we headed back to the bedroom. I put on my T-shirt style pyjama top whilst Mrs Arnold commented that the DryNites fitted my nice and snuggly as she slid her fingers inside the leg bands. I joined Duncan in bed. His parents said “Goodnight darlings, see you in the morning.”
“Good night.” we said, and were alone.
I immediately wanted to see what nappies Duncan had on. Of course he had already seen me in DryNites. He was wearing Tena Pants, these are adult pull ups. He usually wore pull ups at home – mostly the Tena Pants or DryNites as he could sometimes get to the toilet in time to pee. When out he mostly wore Tena Flex as they could be changed without having to take his trousers off. These are their top-of-the-range adult ‘nappies’. A waistband comes round to the front secured by Velcro. The nappy comes up between the legs and Velcro also secures the front of it to the waistband. Since we were both slim enough to wear the 8-15yo DryNites (and still are), the small size Tenas were fine.
Duncan’s parents always purchased the high capacity nappies, which was great as they could hold an awful lot of liquid. They eventually sagged from the weight especially if that was all that was being worn with no trousers to support them. In the summer when we were in the garden alone in just pull ups with the parents away we loved to wear them until they would eventually fall down and be caught at the knees and we would waddle around until they dropped to our ankles.
There I am again, another diversion. . . We both slipped our hands into each other’s nappy for a play with the intention of slipping them down, but decided we would not be able whip Duncan’s back up quickly enough if one of his parents came to check us so after a little play we decided it was better to have fun during the day. Duncan said it would be best if I did wet my nappy even if I didn’t need to as his Mum and Dad would enjoy changing me and I would enjoy them doing it and it would give them a reason to keep me in them the next day. We fell asleep with an arm over each other. In the morning (Saturday) we were not aroused until 9am, although we were well awake.
When I awoke I was dry and not desperate for a pee but ready for one, so I decided that was a good time to fill my nappy. As I mentioned previously, I had wet a pair of Duncan’s on many occasions during day time but never in bed, and anyway, this seemed more like ‘my nappy’ rather than Duncan’s. I felt the warmth of the pee and felt good. I reached to feel if Duncan was wet. I could feel his nappy was swollen but it had obviously been filled earlier as it was no longer ‘pee warm’ to the touch. He was facing away from me so I don’t know if I awakened him but his hand touched mine gently and then slid back to feel me. ‘Brill’ he said as he caressed the warm bulge – made by the pee of course, not my little willy!
We chatted until Duncan’s Mum came in.
“Morning boys, time to get up.”
Duncan was on the door side of the bed and he sat up first then stood carefully, he couldn’t just leap out of bed. His Mum could see straight away he was wet. He automatically removed his pyjama top. She undid his nappy and slipped it off and into the little plastic bucket that stood beneath his changing table. I stood up and as I did she said “Hmm, looks as though we have two wet boys.” She gestured for me to move round the bed and take my top off and slipped my DryNites down as I did so, commenting “That’s a lot of wee from a little willy.” I blushed, of course, but enjoyed the humiliation. It may not even been meant to humiliate.
“OK you are both boys, you can shower together. Come down for your breakfast and we will get you dressed after.” I’m sure she had a good idea that that would not be the first time we had done things together in the nude, given the telephone conversation from Duncan the previous day saying we could share a bed!
“Does that mean we have breakfast in the nude?” I asked Duncan. “Yep, often do if it’s warm enough. Not much chance of me peeing before 10 now. We headed down stairs after the shower, where we had washed and dried each other but managed to avoid getting erect. I was tempted to cover my willy as we were going to be ‘displaying’ together and I would be directly compared to Duncan full frontal. I decided it would be a bit silly since both of them had already seen me naked and had already commented on my little endowment.
We had breakfast and chatted with Duncan’s parents as though everything was completely normal. His Mum asked if we would like to come to the shopping centre with them and we could have lunch out. I glanced at Duncan who gave me a little nod as he said “Yes, that would be nice.”
“Thank you” I said, “sounds great”.
“Well, if the boys are finished perhaps you would like to get them dressed while I clear up darling?” said Duncan’s Mum.
His Dad said that was fine but I asked if they would like us to see to the breakfast things – there was no point in using the dish washer for the little there was to do. I had often done it before when I stayed for meals and it was good to act as though everything was normal.
“That’s kind”, said Mrs Arnold, “there is no rush anyway.”
Duncan and I cleared the table and did the washing up – he didn’t have a problem walking and carrying things over short distances. I started filling the kitchen sink with warm water as he put the last of the crockery on the draining board and rubbed my **** and then my bum as he went round the other side of me to do the drying.
We returned to the living room and Mr Arnold said “Right let’s get you boys dressed.”
Now; the arrangement was that I would wear nappies at night, so on a technicality there was no reason for me not to dress myself, but I had a feeling that if I didn’t let technicalities get in the way, they wouldn’t! Off we went up stairs. Duncan lay on the changing table, and me standing there naked whilst Duncan was baby powdered and put into a Tena Flex nappy. Duncan done his Dad said ‘Up you get Don.”
I just followed what Duncan had done and I was duly powdered and also put into a Tena Flex. “Down you get” said Mr Arnold; “I suggest you just wear just your nappies and tops until we are ready to leave.”
Off went Duncan’s Dad, Duncan and I smiled at each other and followed.
‘Dad’ went and joined ‘Mum’ in the kitchen whilst Duncan and I sat on the settee. Duncan was about to turn on the television, when his Mum’s voice could be heard saying “Any problem?”
“No,” said Duncan’s Dad, “good as gold, he just followed Duncan onto the changing table meek as a lamb, no sign of the slightest resistance to me putting his nappy on.
Mrs Arnold announced her approval and said, “Well, let’s see if he is OK when you change them at the shopping centre. We could have him trained within a day.”
Duncan’s Mum brought us in a couple of big milk shakes, proper ones, made with ice cream whipped in. “There you are boys, I know you like these.” I love milk shakes (but have always hated plain milk) but I am sure that the reason for these was to help ensure we peed our nappies, or at least that I did.
About 10:15 Mr Arnold asked if we were both dry and when we confirmed we were told to put our jeans on. I suddenly realised that my nappy showed above the waist-band and dashed upstairs for a longer T-shirt.
“What happened there Don?” asked Mr Arnold. “The other one was showing my nappy Mr Arnold.”
“Well, we don’t want that do we!”
Later Duncan heard his Mum whisper to his Dad “Did you notice he called it ‘my nappy’ rather than ‘the nappy’, sounds very promising.”
Off we went to the shopping centre, arriving before 11am which meant it would probably be a couple of hours or so before we had lunch so I possibly would need to pee by then. We would split up from time to time, Duncan and I looking at things of interest to teenagers while his parents looked at what they wanted to. We would agree to meet up in 10 or 15 or so minutes. We met some of the boys from school from time to time and girls we knew and stopped to chat. I had visions of them noticing I was wearing a nappy, but none did of course.
It was getting towards time to meet up with his parents, we had agreed to rendezvous outside one of the department stores at 12:50. Duncan told me it would be a good time to wet myself because it would be close enough to lunch time for them to tell me they would change me after – then he said they would drag it out a bit in the hope that our lunch drink will have got through too. I filled my nappy just before we met up. I felt myself walking bow legged a bit though I tried not to and having the wheel chair in front of me helped to hide it. It didn’t stop Duncan’s Mum noticing. “You’ve wet your nappy have you darling.” she said quietly. “Never mind, we will have lunch and change you after, I expect Duncan is ready too.” Duncan nodded. She told me to try not to walk too bow legged!
We had a very nice lunch and as always chatted away and when that was finished off we trotted to a different part of the centre – it has at least four miles of shops so there was a lot of walking to do – well except for Duncan! That also meant there was plenty of time to get a full bladder.
By 2pm I had wet myself again and I could feel my heavy nappy being supported by the crotch of my jeans. Eventually, Mrs Arnold said “Oh there are the disabled toilets darling, it would be a good time to change the boys.” We headed off into the disabled toilet, which was suitable for both males and females. Mr Arnold told me to slip my jeans down – that was the advantage of wearing a nappy rather than pull ups. Duncan stood up having undone his already, and slipped them down. His Dad removed my nappy and then Duncan’s. He said he would do Duncan first – “Well, he is the oldest and there is more of him to do.” He said it with a gentle smile and even though it was at my expense I thought it was funny and laughed.
I estimate that the combined weight of Duncan’s and my nappies must have been at least 1½Kg (just over 3lbs US), perhaps more. They were both saturated and very yellow inside apart from the very back. Duncan was cleaned up with baby wipes, powdered and ‘re-nappied’ while I stood with my jeans round my ankles. I no longer felt embarrassed at all, just loved the fact that I was being told what to do and having no choice. Once I had been seen to we re-joined Mrs Arnold. “All done?” she said. “Yes,” replied her husband “you could have floated an aircraft carrier on the contents!” We all laughed and off we went home.
We removed our jeans almost immediately.
The weekend went well, and it was clear to both sides that I would wear nappies full time for as long as I was there.
On the Monday morning Duncan’s Mum got us ready – breakfast in the nude; nappies and top afterwards. She went off to her course and Mr Arnold to work and we were free to do what we wanted. We had some fun without our nappies. My Mum phoned to see if I was OK. I said I would pop round for fresh clothes in couple of days (I accounted for the fact that if I didn’t fetch fresh pants she would wonder what was going on, so I would just have to pretend they had been worn). We prepared dinner so Duncan’s Dad would not have to do it when he got home.
Duncan’s Mum phoned in the evening to see how things were and to say that Duncan’s aunt would pop round during the next day (Tuesday) to see how we were getting on. I had met his aunt a few times and I knew she had looked after Duncan on occasions. Duncan said his Mum would have told her about me so she would probably be expecting to change me. He said she liked keeping him naked for longer than was necessary so no doubt would do the same with me.
Tuesday arrived and we had to get up a bit earlier so Duncan’s Dad could get us ready and ‘dressed’ before he left for work. We were not sure when Duncan’s aunt would turn up beyond the fact that it would be ‘late morning’. Duncan and I got our nappies off and had our fun well before that and made sure we were wet in time for his aunt’s arrival.
It was funny we were following this ritual because there was no reason for me to wet my nappy at all and no reason we could not change ourselves if we did! We just accepted that that was not expected.
The aunt arrived sometime after 11am, “Hello Duncan.” She said as she gave him a kiss. She removed his nappy and said she would get him cleaned and changed shortly. She turned to me and said “Hello Don, how are you.”
“Fine thank you miss”, I replied, having forgotten her surname and feeling it would be rude not to call her anything.
“And I see you are soaking too.” She said, as she bounced the wet bulge of my nappy up and down.
“Let’s get these off. Put your hands on your head.” This order came as she was removing my nappy.
“Right, you just stand there while I clean Duncan up.” She knew where to find the downstairs wipes, baby powder and nappies and cleaned him up and put him in a fresh nappy. “There you are my angel, you sit down whilst I deal with your young friend.”
“Have you got a medical reason for wetting yourself love?”
“Aaah I don’t know miss.” The question was unexpected and threw me rather and my answer was accompanied with the customary blush.
“I hope you don’t think because you have a baby winky that’s an excuse for acting like a baby?”
“No miss.” Of course I blushed again.
“Come here.”
I moved nearer.
“Over my knee.” She was forcing me over as she spoke.
“I think the cure for teenagers who wet themselves for no good reason is corporal punishment. We are just going have to settle with a spanking today.”
She proceeded to spank me pretty hard, I wriggled and writhed but did not try to get away. Strangely, although it hurt I was enjoying it. It was just the fact that I had no say I suppose.
“Stand up.”
She assisted me up. “Hands on head. I expect you to do that without being told when your nappy is being changed, OK?”
“Yes miss.”
“The embarrassment of parading your little winky in public might help teach you not to wet yourself. Right, I would like you to make coffees for Duncan and me. Put yours in a plastic cup since you act like a two year old. We will get your nappy on once I have made lunch.”
I did as I was told. Duncan’s aunt put the lunch on the table and said “Nappy time. I am going to put you in DryNites as they are the most babyish ones likely to fit you. If I was buying your nappies I would make you wear the girls version with their girly designs.”
She put the DryNites on me and we had lunch.
After lunch we were asked if we were both dry and we were. “I must fly boys but I promised Duncan’s Mum I would drop in. Be good.”
She gave us both a kiss and left.
Duncan and I messed around on our laptops for an hour or two. Then I sat on the settee and Duncan laid on it with his head on my lap and we watched TV before getting dinner prepared.
We were wet by the time Duncan’s Dad came home. He asked if he needed to do anything for dinner and we told him it was all prepared, it would take about half an hour.
“Well done boys. Time to get you changed then.”
As he was powdering me he said “I am going to put you in Tena Flex this evening for a change. We will see how they suit you. . . .”Those look fine, how do they feel.”
“Pretty good sir.”
“That’s good, you’ve got a few more days of nappy wearing to go yet. You won’t be changing your mind will you?”
“No, I won’t sir.”
“Good boy.”
“Oh, by the way boys, are you planning to go out tomorrow?”
“I don’t think so.” Duncan replied.
“That’s good. Don’s Mum wants to come round and do lunch for you.”
“Great, we will definitely stay in.” I confirmed.
Mum planned it all along!
It was the usual procedure in the morning, getting up in time for Duncan’s Dad to attend to us. I was thinking that it must be a bit like having a couple of kids under 2 and quite a commitment.
Duncan and I made out together around 9 to be sure my Mum didn’t walk in on us. I had my jeans close to hand so I could whip them on before she saw me.
I did just that as she approached the house.
Duncan suddenly noticed my nappy waistband was showing (again)!”
“S**t.” I blurted, and rushed up stairs to put a longer top on, dashed down as Mum turned the key in the door (both mums had keys to the other’s house).
“Hi Mum.” I gave her a kiss.
“Hi Duncan.” Mum said, giving him a kiss too.
Mum has changed Duncan many times and was accustomed to seeing him in nappies so he did not need to share in my panic.
“You boys managing to fill your time OK.”
“Yes thanks.” We confirmed.
Bombshell coming up! . . .
“I’ve brought you some clean tops and socks darling.”
“No pants Mum?”
“Well darling you hardly need them if you are wearing nappies do you.” The question was rhetorical.
“Oh God!” I went bright red covered my head with my hands and buried my head in the settee cushions. That immediately exposed my nappy waste band, not that that particularly mattered now.
“Donald, darling. It isn’t a problem. That is why Duncan’s Mum and I engineered this. Not to trick you but to make sure that it was what you wished for. I want you to be happy and if you like to wear nappies that makes me happy; besides which I will enjoy of changing my little boy. I don’t know how your Dad would have taken it if he was still alive, but that is a hurdle we don’t have to cross.
“Come and give me a kiss and a cuddle.”
As I stood up I was crying. I don’t know if it was from embarrassment or sheer relief. I hugged my Mum and she gave me a reassuring hug back and kissed me on the cheek and wiped my tears with her finger.
“There is nothing to cry about you silly boy.” She smiled.
“How did you know Mum?” I sniffled.
“Well, I will tell you but slip your jeans off first, I would like to see you in your nappy.”
I removed my jeans. I did feel embarrassed but at the same time liked doing it.
We all sat down and Mum began. . .
“Duncan’s Mum told me that she had noticed for well over a year that when you both went off to the woods Duncan would always take DryNites with him, despite the fact that he only ever wears pull ups at home, at my place and his aunt’s place where he has a prospect of reaching the loo before an accident. Despite this he always came back with fewer than he left with. So she concluded that you and Duncan were probably making out and having nappy fun. She thought it was a pity if you had to suppress something that you enjoyed.
“I have no problem with you wearing nappies so I had a think about the best way of approaching the matter. If you only liked them when making out with Duncan then you would not want to admit it. If you were not interested in wearing them at all you would wonder if I was off my rocker! On the other hand, if you did fanaticise about wearing nappies you may well have been far too embarrassed to admit it outright.”
“Duncan’s Mum’s need to go on a course enabled us to come up with a cunning plan. (We all laughed. Duncan and I had enjoyed watching repeats of ‘Black Adder’.)”
“We thought you would be keen to sleep with Duncan, so we came up with the idea of saying you could but with the caveat of needing to wear a nappy. You would either be repulsed, jump at the chance, or try to negotiate. Of course we didn’t tell Duncan as it would be difficult for him not to slip up at some time and give the game away.”
“That was the first hurdle out the way. Next you didn’t baulk at being told to undress, nor even to having your pubic hairs shaved. Then, the next morning when you could have said you only agreed to wear nappies at night, you raised not a squeak when you were put into them again. Not even when you were told you were all going shopping. And then you were perfectly happy for Duncan’s aunt to change you.”
“So, there you are. Now; lunch is at home including for you Duncan of course. You will be staying until Sunday. Make sure you bring your homework because it’s back to school on Tuesday. Your Mum and Dad know of the arrangement.”
“Donald, would you fetch your clothes etc, and bring four tops and four pairs of socks down for Duncan.”
“I think you had better both slip your Jeans on.”
It all made sense now. With Duncan’s Mum away and his Dad working the obvious thing was for him to stay at my place.
“I’m so stupid” I said, “I never suspected a thing. I was just wishing that I could keep on wearing nappies. So bringing no pants was all a trick Mum.”
“That was my way of broaching the subject. I knew you would ask where your pants were even if you didn’t need them. I’ve never known you go anywhere without counting out pants, tops and socks, and then adding at least one set more than needed ‘as contingency’”.

Setting the Rules
Lunch was already laid awaiting our arrival. Mum said” I suspect if you don’t need changing yet, so we can eat first anyway.”
I had not wet myself in all the turmoil so this was a trigger me to do so.
We started lunch and Mum said, “Now a few rules for you darling. Firstly you will wear nappies 24 hours a day unless I specifically permit you not to, such as if you need to visit the doctor. I will decide what nappies you will wear and you will never change them yourself if I am here or if Duncan’s Mum is in. You must phone to ask her if she is available to change you if I am not available – that has been agreed.”
“If you are at school you will have to do your changing when you take Duncan for his, although I’ve no way of ensuring you even wet them. Nevertheless, you will have to wear them.”
“On Wednesdays when you have PE I will give you plain white briefs, not your nice designer ones. You are not to change into them until lunch time and you are to be back in nappies when you arrive home.”
“You are my little boy now, so instead of telling me where you are hoping to go you will ask if you can. Understood?”
“Yes Mum.”
“I have confiscated your television and made some changes to your bedroom.” If you play with your computer when you have been sent to bed I will confiscate that too and you will get a spanking on your bare bottom, as you will if you do other things wrong. You’ve not had one of those for a long time, and never on your bare bottom have you?”
“No Mum.”
“Now, as from tonight I will bath you at 9:30; put you into your night nappies and send you to bed. You will keep a dummy in your mouth once you are in the bath and you will keep it until the morning. Make sure you have it in your mouth when I come in and you won’t take it out until I have put your daytime nappy on. This will be known as your ‘dummy time’ and you will not engage in adult conversation. You will also use your dummy when you are doing your homework. During school time you go to bed for 10 anyway so by the time I have bathed you there won’t be a lot of difference. I do accept that during holidays you can’t tell your friends that your Mum makes you go to bed at 9:30. Nevertheless that is your bedtime and so you will get spanked whenever you are late and the later you are the harder the spanking. Have you anything to say about that?”
“No Mum.”
“Does anyone else knows you like nappies?”
“Simon; does he wear them?”
“His Mum is away on business a lot and Anita looks after him. He wears them then, and she changes him and everything. She even spanks him.” (Mum knew Anita is Simon’s sisters name.)
“Hmm, I wonder if she would be interested in baby sitting” Mum mused aloud! What about his father?”
“I have never seen him and Simon has never mentioned him.”
“Two final things. You will ask to poo. I will take your nappies off. You will use the main bathroom toilet and not close the bathroom door. You call when you are ready and go on your hands and knees with you bum sticking up for me to clean you. Also, I realise that you have certain needs to develop as a teenager so you will be allowed to ********** once a week. Not school days, let’s say Friday nights just before bed.” I blushed of course.
What actually happened was that she made me stand up in the bath each Friday to shave my pubes, or at least check if they needed doing, and to properly check I was clean under my foreskin. I got aroused when she did this, which she encouraged without actually saying anything and would then tell me to face the wall and do the deed. Of course, there were tiles on the wall. I had to flush them afterwards, the *********** then all disappeared with the bath water. She would then clean my willy before getting me out the bath and drying me.
“I said they were the final things, but there is one more. Don’t think you can wet your nappy whenever you feel inclined and will get changed straight away. You will be changed when I feel like it so consider I may keep you in them for the day, or make you come shopping with me and not change you until we get back.”
Subsequently I was sometimes allowed to go round to see Duncan in pull ups. I think this was deliberately done to give us the chance to make out together. After all, we were unlikely to get girl friends while we were nappy wearers.
After lunch Mum decided to get my overnight bag sorted out. The dirty clothing was already bagged separately.
“Take your clean tops and socks back to the bedroom darling together with Duncan’s stuff. These pants are all clean are they?”
“You won’t be needing those.” She took them away as she spoke.
I took both Duncan’s over night stuff and my clothes up to my bedroom. As I walked in I was startled. Two single beds about five feet apart had replaced my double bed. I think Mr Arnold must have helped with that. On both beds the duvet covers and pillowcases all had a Pooh Bear and his friends theme! This meant that I could not share the bed with any of my friends, and I was very limited on the friends I could invite – at this point that meant only Duncan – perhaps Simon too.
Where the television had stood was now converted into a changing table with baby wipes and baby powder and dummies on clear display! This took up all my workspace apart from sufficient room for my desktop computer.
I put my socks in my sock draw and tops in the wardrobe shelves before checking my pants draw. They had all disappeared, it was now my nappy draw, stocked with Tena Pants, Tena Flex and DryNites! There were some others I’d not seen before, they were Tena Slips, the ‘model’ down from the Flex. Only later did I discover the reason for these. They are secured by adhesive tapes, it is difficult to undo them without damaging the nappy and, unlike the Flex, doing them back up was not always very successful. This meant Mum could tell if I had removed them.
Duncan got most of his nappies by prescription through the National Health Service, which of course I couldn’t. I naturally had not given any thought to this at this but Mum kept it stocked without the cost appearing a problem. She purchased the DryNites with the normal weekly shop when needed. The Tenas came from Incontinencechoice.com who do next day delivery. The parcels are anonymous so it wasn’t embarrassing receiving them.
Mum called up “Bring yourself down a DryNites darling.”
“OK, Mum.” I was beginning to understand how different things would be but was feeling a thrill.
I grabbed a pair and didn’t notice they were girls’ ones – until Mum said “If you are going to be a 16 year old in nappies that makes you my sissy boy so I chose the girly ones for you!” “Had she been talking to Duncan’s aunt?” I thought to myself.
There appeared to be no difference in padding thickness or position but they had girly pictures of butterflies and hearts and a lot of pink printed on them!
We both had our nappies removed. I was rather shy of my Mum seeing me naked, much more so than with the others who had changed me. I put my hands over my willy. Mum slapped my bum sharply.
“How am I going to clean you with your hands in the way darling. Anyway, you are not exactly going to frighten anyone with that are you! Your name is not Duncan. Put your hands on your head.”
I blushed a bright red and did as instructed.
We were both cleaned and changed. After that we were allowed to do what we wanted wearing just our nappies and tops of course.
Just before 9:30 Mum disappeared upstairs. We could hear her running the bath – this was something different as we both usually showered. Duncan observed that he could not easily get in a bath.
“Bedtime boys.” Mum called from the top of the stairs.
“Let’s get you both undressed. Your bed is the one furthest from the door Duncan.”
I was resigned to the obvious fact that Mum would be seeing me naked several times a day so I didn’t attempt to hide anything. I think Mum would have liked to be able to lift us into the bath but at our age that was not really practical without risking her injuring her back. Mum had put a small step up thing for Duncan to use with my support, plus a non-slip mat in the bath, removing any excuse for him not being able to use the bath although it did take me some effort to assist to lift him up when it came to getting him out.
I had to take the tap end of the bath. There is not a lot of space in a standard bath for two teenage boys so we did have to carefully negotiate the positioning of our legs, especially as Duncan had not the flexibility in his as that of the average teenager.
Mum washed us all over, shampooing our hair first – the bath did have a shower head so not being able to go in the shower bath was not particularly a problem.
We were put into the Tena Slips which immediately made me think it would be easy for us to play with each other in bed. All adult nappies/pants did seem to leak a little from time to time I discovered as I became a regular nappy wearer. This was rather down to the wearer than the product. I did find it was better to pee them lying on my back than on my side or front. Fortunately Mum had put disposable baby changing sheets over our bottom bed sheets for just such an event. After that she didn’t use the slips on me again at night time. The next night she solved the problem by putting Tena Flex’s on us and secured them by the use of gaffer tape. We were both given two three inch strips of the tape which we had to hold adhesive side facing outwards in line with where the Velcro pads were on the waistband. She closed the waistband, pressed the Velcro pads together and then with the nappy in place wrapped the gaffer tape over the pads. It was now impossible to open or pull down the nappy without cutting or breaking the waistband – the nappy would tear if there was an attempt to remove the gaffer tape. This was a strategy she would routinely deploy on me.
The reason for the full bath at night was so she could get my nappies off quickly in the morning, and get me clean. I was left to have a wash basin wash, clean my teeth and shave, but at that time I only needed to do the shaving once a week at most.
We were well into our routine by Saturday when we were joined by Duncan’s parents and taken shopping. The same routine as the previous week was followed except that it was my Mum who changed us in the Disabled Toilet. I don’t know what people thought with two teenagers being taken in together.
We all had dinner together in the evening. I was allowed the normal cutlery but was mostly given my liquids in a toddler’s sipping cup from then on.
9:30 came and Duncan’s parents watched the bathing ritual, which included me having the dummy in my mouth. They seemed to enjoy the spectacle. Mum explained to them about my ‘dummy time’. That rather appealed to them. They said they would make sure they followed the practice when I was staying with them.
On the Sunday Duncan and I were sat down at the dining table to do our homework. We were not allowed to talk and anyway I had the obstacle of the dummy.
Mid-afternoon Duncan’s Dad came for him. He gave a tap on the door and Mum asked me to go upstairs to get Duncan’s stuff. This was another conspiracy.
I came back downstairs to find a new dining chair had arrived. I didn’t notice the detail immediately, other than the fact that unlike our existing ones it had arms. Mum told me to sit in the chair saying that Mr Arnold had kindly modified it for me! I suppose you would call it a pseudo high chair. It was not really practical to put a 16yo in a high chair.
I sat in it as instructed – just in my nappy and top of course – and from under the left arm she swivelled a bar. She went round the other side and somehow locked the bar and wiggled the key in front of me! The bar came close enough to my tummy to ensure I could not get out, but as added insurance there where Velcro straps to secure my ankles – they were fixed to the legs by about 8 inches of leather strap so I could move my legs reasonably well but there was no way I could reach to undo the straps. Then (obviously keeping them hidden on purpose) Duncan’s Dad attached Velcro straps to the underside end of the chair arms.
Mum said “This will be your ‘high chair’ for meals and homework. The hand straps are there so it can also serve as your naughty chair if needed. Thank Mr Arnold for his trouble. That was so kind.”
Now I had the usual mixed feelings of fury and delight. Nevertheless I knew what I was required to do.
“Thank you very much Mr Arnold.”
“That’s my pleasure Don. You have always been so good to Duncan I was delighted when I suddenly thought of this present being ideal for your new situation.”
God! I thought to myself is he being sarcastic or genuinely thinking this was a nice present. In fairness, I couldn’t decide myself if it was nice or nasty!
By the time Monday evening came the new regime was running like clockwork. My Mum’s organisational skills were impressive. I seem to have inherited these, the only thing is that having surrendered control I cannot always implement them.
Bath time came. I stood naked ready to step in.
“Right darling, before we invoke dummy time listen carefully. You now know what is involved in being my little sissy boy. You have been very good and I approve of the way you have adapted. Now, the answer you give to my question in a moment directs the future. If you choose to carry on as things now are the option to change your mind ends. I will decide if and when to end it and that probably means no earlier than when you go to university. It is time for you to make your irrevocable choice – my sissy young teenage baby or my big teenage boy.”
Well, that was clear. I probably would not go to ‘uni’ until the September following my 19th birthday, 3½ years away! Even if I did decided to go directly after my ‘A-levels’ that was still 2½ years away. What would happen it I did not get good enough results to go to uni!!!
“Are you totally happy with the current arrangement Mum, I mean not just doing it to please me? Please be honest.”
She gave me a kiss.
“I am totally happy darling. I enjoy having my little boy back but I will love you just as much either way.”
“Thanks Mum. In that case I will be your little sissy teenager.” I did say it with quite a lot of trepidation, but I was enjoying what was going on.
“That’s my boy.” She smiled and slipped the dummy into my mouth. I had my bath and was put to bed. A Tena Flex was used, secured with the gaffer tape. These were to become my permanent ‘pyjama bottoms’ ensuring I could never play with myself in bed. I did find that wearing nappies seemed to stimulate me to pee much more than I ever did before. Some times I would also wake up much earlier than previously, needing a pee and would be in a soaking wet nappy for perhaps 5 hours! I was tempted to change them if it was really bad and eventually I did. I told my Mum it was keeping me awake and being a school day I thought it was the best thing to do, which was the truth. She gave me a sound spanking.
“Did you play with yourself?”
“No Mum I just went to sleep.”
“Honestly Mum.”
“OK, well, so long as it is a very rare occurrence it is probably sensible only for school days. You will still get spanked and if I think you are using it as an excuse to ********** I will use a strap on you.”
“Yes Mum, I won’t.”
There are difficulties for teenagers with bedrooms designed for children or babies, in that you can never take ‘normal’ friends to your bedroom or risk inviting them to stay over, even in a different room.
With the combined help of Duncan, and his parents and the Internet my Mum found ‘understanding’ friends over the next few months and also babysitters suitable for keeping me to Mum’s regime. She would leave me alone in the evenings if necessary but tried to avoid doing that as much as possible, mostly by putting me in the care of Duncan’s parents. However she also found some very competent babysitters who were real experts in humiliation.
The first occasion was a very sneaky way of introducing a baby sitter. My Mum asked me if I was wet and when I confirmed I was she said she would change me shortly, she just had to deal with something. She was texting on her phone. I think some ten minutes went by and she received what I assumed was a reply and was then ready to change me. Off came my nappy and she started with the baby wipes when the doorbell rang. She said “Hands.” Giving a nod clearly indicating I was to keep my hands on my head while she dealt with the visitor.
There was talking out of my hearing then the lounge door started to open and Mum’s voice said “I was just in the middle of a nappy change when you called. Do come in while I finish sorting him out and perhaps you would like a coffee when that’s done.”
A lady of similar age to my Mum followed her in. Mum’s look gave me a ‘keep your hands where they are’ look.
“Hello young man” said the visitor.
“This is Mrs Fitzpatrick” said Mum.
“Hello Mrs Fitzpatrick” I said, red in the face! I could have died. Yes, I did get a thrill from the humiliation of being compelled to undergo this sort of thing, but when it was actually happening. . . oh, why did the ground not open beneath me?
“I can see to him while you do the coffees if you like?”
“If you really don’t mind” responded Mum!
“I’ve changed plenty of nappies in my time.”
Mum went to the kitchen and Mrs F assessed the situation and said “Let’s get this little winky cleaned up shall we.” I could feel myself blush bright red again. She cleaned me with baby wipes, rubbed on baby powder and put a nappy on me.
Mum brought in coffee and biscuits (mine was in a plastic sipping cup of course).
They talked about me – what nappies Mum used, how often she had to change me, whether there were any leaking problems at night and her solution, whether I wore them to school and so on. Yet another conspiracy!
They finished their coffee and mum came round to me and whilst moving the locking bar into place and securing the Velcro leg straps she said “Mrs Fitzpatrick and I need to talk some business in the office (Mum mainly worked from home so had a proper office) you can play on your laptop darling.” She stuffed the dummy in my mouth and plonked the computer in front of me. It didn’t escape me that it was unusual for her to have a business meeting on a weekend!
After, perhaps nearly an hour, they returned to the lounge. Mum removed the dummy and said “Alright darling, you still dry?”
“Yes thanks Mum.”
“Let’s get you out of here.” She freed my legs and unlocked the bar.
“Now, I’m just going to put some DryNites on you. Mrs Fitzpatrick is interested to see how well they fit. Off came my nappy. I put my hands on my head as she did so – I was obviously fully indoctrinated by now. She did not grab a DryNites before taking my ‘Flex’s off ensuring I had to stand naked again whilst she fetched a pair at her leisure. When she did produce them I put a hand on her shoulder for support as usual and lifted each leg in turn. She pulled them up and adjusted my willy.
“Very snug” uttered Mrs F. “I assume from their colour they are more for girls. Is that because he does not need the interior space?” There it was again!
Mum responded “The boys and girls ones are physically identical as far as I can tell. I like to think of him as my little sissy boy so the pink goes nicely with that. Anyway, they are much more colourful.” She removed the DryNite and again left me naked while she folded it up again and put it away. Of her own initiative (at least it was made to look like that) Mrs F picked up the nappy I had been wearing and put it back on me, moving my willy into place as she did so!
Mum turned round and said “Oh, thanks for that.”
They exchanged the customary farewell niceties and Mum said “Say goodbye to Mrs Fitzpatrick darling.”
“Goodbye Mrs Fitzpatrick” I imparted obediently.
“Goodbye Donald.”
Mrs F did baby sit me subsequently. She believed in punishment for a wet nappy and would secure me naked in my ‘high chair’ and apply the naughty chair arm restraints, put a dummy in my mouth and put baby cartoons on the television. To ensure I paid attention I had to tell her the story afterwards. I was caught out the first time and got spanked and then had to stand naked with my hands on my head and dummy in my mouth for half an hour.
So I soon got to know what sort of things to expect as a result of my chosen lifestyle.
With the summer holiday here Duncan had to go into hospital for several days as he did twice a year. I’m not sure quite what they did but it seemed to neither make him better or worse. Presumably he would have got worse if he didn’t go.
I asked Simon if he would like to stay over for a few days, he could wear nappies and follow my regime. He was very keen, so I cleared it with my Mum.
She suggested that she would take one day off and we all go to visit Duncan provided Simon’s Mum agreed. Duncan was in a regional hospital that was about 25 miles away and attending on a weekday was much better than the weekend.
Mum asked about Simon’s Dad. I told her I had never seen him nor asked about him and he had never mentioned him.
Simon’s Mum was happy for him to stay over for as long as Mum was happy for him to stay and thought it would be nice for him to be able to visit Duncan. Mum and her did not correspond directly so fortunately she remained ignorant of his nappy wearing.
A few days later Simon came for his stay. He asked if he had to take his trousers off and Mum nodded. He was wearing a nappy which didn’t come as a surprise but I did just wonder if for some reason he might not get the chance to don one. He also came with spares courtesy of his sister.
Mum checked that Simon was dry and told me to take him up, show him his bed and where to put his nappies and other clothes. I asked if she wanted me to bring a set or two of nappies downstairs. She said she had plenty so not to worry. That was a bonus for Simon.
I was helping him to unpack his things and noticed he had no pants. I asked how he was going to explain the absence of pants when his Mum saw his laundry. He said Anita had thought of that, working out that if he had to wear nappies all the time my Mum might wonder why he had brought pants with him if she assumed his Mum knew. She had put several pairs in one of her draws and would scrunch up the correct number and then they could be included with his dirty laundry when he returned. What a great sister I thought.
In due course Mum noticed the bulges in our nappies and proceed to change us. Simon put his hands on his head straight away. We were both wearing girls DryNights and Mum said “I see you are wearing girly ones too Simon.”
“I asked my sister for these ones Mrs Buxton and she thought it was a good idea.”
“Well, the boys ones are rather dull so I will certainly like to see you both around the house in the brighter girly ones.”
With us both naked Mum proceeded with the baby wipes and noticed the red marks on Simon’s bum. “You’ve been getting yourself spanked I see.”
“Yes Mrs Buxton. My sister is rather strict.”
“I see, would she be interested in baby sitting a boy in nappies?”
“I can ask.”
“Yes please, Donald can do with someone stricter than me from time to time.”
I now had a vision of being paraded in my nappy before a 19 year old girl and her removing it and making me stand naked, given her comment to Simon when he was naked I would expect her to take great delight in humiliating me! He was not well equipped, but he was still better equipped than me.
We visited Duncan, making sure it did not clash with his parents visiting. He was cheerful but said the physiotherapy hurt. Mum very considerately went to buy some goodies which gave us time to tell him that Simon was staying over. He ask if we had made out together and I said that we couldn’t at night because we both had the ‘sealed’ Tena Flex’s on but we had been allowed to go to the woods wearing DryNites.
In due course Simon’s sister did baby sit the two of us. She took great delight in taking my nappy off and mocking my ‘cute little willy’, it really shrivelled up at the embarrassment having to expose myself to a 19 year old girl. She spanked us both at each nappy change.
Even, worse, the second evening she invited her boyfriend round and he watched everything, including when we were made to ********** in the bath!
There are lots of incidents over the next couple of years I would like to relate but I will never finish the story!
As I mentioned at the start, I am 5 months short of my 19th birthday. I legally became an adult in April. I even voted in the May local government election and again just a few weeks ago in the first ever election of a Police Commissioner. On both occasions I was walked to the polling station at the village hall a couple of hundred metres away in wet nappies! Mum certainly has no plans to regard me as an adult yet.
I have to go to work every day wearing a nappy. If for some reason my nappy wearing became known I would not be embarrassed to say that I have a slight incontinence problem. Explaining why I am wearing a pink one would be a challenge! I suspect any excuse I came up with would be unlikely to hold water – see, just because I am a sissy boy doesn’t mean I can’t do a double entendre!
I still have a love hate sensation about my situation but in truth I don’t want to give it up. I just wonder what I will do when I go to uni. Will I just become ‘normal’? What I need is a university where you have to attend lectures in a nappy and get strapped naked in front of the class if you don’t pay attention! Mind you, that might be an incentive to disrupt the lecture.
Duncan is still around and we still make out. Simon started uni a couple of months ago having decided not to take a gap year.
Hopefully next summer we may all get to visit the stream together. This summer was a virtual washout so we had few opportunities.
© 2012 Donald Buxton
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I love your story. The only thing is if your mum was so dominant with you about rules and strapping you in a high chair and dummy time etc then you should have given her a few dirty nappies to change. In for a penny, in for a pound.

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I know it's hard to hide it from your parents, but if you get Drynites it would be easier. The packages are quite small, so easier to smuggle in. I'm not sure if they will take a full wetting from you. That's something you just have to try. Probably best when you're alone at home. They are easy to get rid of too. Just tear the sides, roll them up from the front and use the back flaps to tie them together. They make a small boll that you can easily put in the bin. (I'm also from Ireland, so if I can help...)

i loved it i would to meet you if u want in collage nw in ireland

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This storys great wow your mom went a bit extream and you cant be that much of a sissy since you just wrote all this online man you are cool and this story is really cool 10/10

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Loved the story, if only all parents were as understanding life for all would be much better. Thanks for sharing your wonderfull memories.

What a lovely well written story. I just wish I'd had the same experience as a teenager. I've loved nappies ans baby things all my life and also sissy girly baby clothes. I'd have loved a boy to share my nappy love with and to have been able to wear in the open and play in our nappies, and make out. If everything was true about your story, you are so lucky. I found it totally arrousing and very sexy, the feelings I would love are what you went through. Thanks for sharing it, Sean.