A Little Annoyance

Well, I'm going to get myself some more Nappies soon but all the nappies I've had usually make myself crush my balls so I was just wondering whether I'm putting them on wrong or I need larger Nappies to put on.
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Yes you are putting them on wrong young man. How on earth do you hope to have kids in the future if you keep crushing your nuts. Just do it the normal way where you run into a wall or something like that just like kluzzy people like me who run into fire hydrants.

Yes I am stalking you muhhhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

That is right young man practice does make perfect. Heck I remember the first time I put on a Depends diaper I somehow manages to put it on backwards he he. So don't worry as long as you don't do that your doing fine.

Hmmmm I might have had my butt on backwards. Also, when I wet it that thing sure leaked right away he he.

I don't know I was pretty shocked he he.

If you have ever seen the movie space balls how I put the diaper on backwards will make complete sense. Snotty beamed me down somewhere and my butt showed up backwards.

Yes it was and now I have to make mega maid go from suck to blow he he.

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