I Am an adult school boy

I always knew, deep down inside that I was an adult boy. I finally plucked up the courage about 3 years ago to come out and havent looked back. I am lucky enough to work at home a couple of days a week. As soon as I get up I look forward to getting dressed in my uniform, with grey shorts, knee socks and a shirt and tie. I spend the day then in my uniform writing emails and makeing phone call - lucky that the people cant see me.

I feel much happier in my uniform - its far more appropriate for me than long trousers. Short trousers remind me constantly that I am a boy and as such need to be obedient, polite and do as I am instructeed. I recently went to the far east and have pictures of me in Hong Kong , Shanghai and even the great wall of China wearing my school uniform , cap, knee socks and shorts. It felt magnificent.

I recognise also that punishement plays a part in being a boy. I accept the fact that i will get a sore behind - sometimes even if I am being
good. That Sir knows best and that sometimes being put over sirs knee or desk to recieve a red and sore behind is the best thing that can happen to me.

I also know that being a boy involves lessons and prep, sometime lines and even being made to stand in the corner - its not all fun and going out. There is a serious side and as a boy I am expected to take lessons seriously and learn .

If people are interested i will post more!

I wonder how many more of us there are out there?
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Hello there . Yes it is strange how some boys can transmografy into a sir and suddenly be spanking boys bottoms and slapping their legs. I wonder if a full moon has anythign to do with it at all?

I would say there are plenty of us lads out there. Just difficult to meet up it seems.

Hi, many more stories if you please. Always interested in how people live and what they get up to, especially adult schoolboys.