Between U And Me, I Am Terrified.........

I'm just a regular person, really. I smile often, say hello when passing someone on the street (even if they say nothing, I'm OK). People view me as well rounded, bold, smart, confident and sassy. You wouldn't believe my definition of ME.

I WROTE a book like 8 years ago. For 8 years it has sat waiting for me to set IT free. Setting IT free would have also freed me, so I thought. Well I did publish my book hence setting it free. It's been out in the publics eye for 3 weeks and I am horrified!!! Not because people will now know my business and my past, not at all. It's hurtful and scary that one person in particular might be hurt and/or under fire. Even though she hurt me, I don't want to hurt her.
GigiMichelle GigiMichelle
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

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