This Is Enough!

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i cant take my life any more, im 36 and my mum keeps interfering in my life so i left, my dad told me to come and live in his other house so i dont have to pay rent so i did, what do you think happened? things got worse and she comes around and still makes me feel uncomfortable, i have a 12 yr old daughter and a baby on the way and am getting very nervous about it, ive tried various times 2 find a flat so i have nothing to do with them but they are just so expensive, because that is the best solution, another thing is that they take my daughter out and havent brang her back to me for a week and a half, pleease can anybody help me because im losing it!

veryannoyed veryannoyed
3 Responses Jul 14, 2009

that's crazy! why did they take your daughter and haven't returned her yet? did they tell you they were going to do that? i suggest you do get away as soon as you can! also call the police and tell them what is happening. maybe they can help you in some way. i really hope that things get better for you, you so don't need to be stressed out especially with a baby on the way. i hope that things work out in your favor. and they return your daughter to you soon.

Get a hold of the authorities and get your child back. That's ridiculous! I would fight my parents tooth and nail for my kids. I would move far far away where they had to drive days to get to me and my children.

Please read my blog. I am dealing with a similar situation. Then email me. Maybe we can support each other?