Something New When I Grab A Boobs

One day i wake up and sit on my bed when i saw a lady feeding her baby i dont know what happen to me but i feel a very insecure of me and suddenly moved to her and stared her boobs as she see me she try to hide her boobs so i said why u hiding she said cant u see i feeding to my baby go away i said i know that s why i am hear to see that then she got angry and moved away i thought why this things are so in secure and then i thought i have to experience that thing which thing is experienced by that baby so i wrote a book about feeding baby insecurity and i write it but i never thought that what i will write in this letter and the first word i write in my boob the first thing i saw that day and by that i got a new thinking and i write every day i used to go for very long drives to write some thing new
and i didnot knew that my landlord aunty have studying my books one day and one day when i come to room and just about to lock my room she knock the door and her baby on her hand i think she try to sleep her i think and i ask her to come in she came in and said i have seen ur book i got shocked and asked when and i feel shy and then she said i like ur topic and confidence i said thanku but to extent i want extra she said like what i mean i want to write some thing like this experience regarding me and she said its good but i said i dont found anything that anything means BOOBs and she understood and said if u then silence i said what and then she stand up and keep her baby on the sofa and came in and if u want that then i i have that but make sure u fine and then she came to me and and open her blouse she didnot ware bra i asked her she said it makes her uncofortable while feeding and she lift up her blouse and i suck some milk and put out my thirst and i didnot understand what happened next 30 minutes and i complete my book
harshaaguan harshaaguan
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

I wonder if she inspired you for writing that book, since she was feeding her baby while you were in her house.
Your book, your writing skills are impressive but I am pretty sure that your editor must have gone nuts on your English!

U have a good sence of humor