Sucking My Sisters Breast

Hiii this is happened to me in the summer when I was in home to spend my holiday with my family and this time my sis was also ther with her family(her husbend and son) I am always very close to my sister but I never thought that I am gonna do this thing.
This was all started when her husbend went to home for urgent work and my sis stay for some more day so one day when I was in my room my sis call me loudly and went to her quickly and asked what happen she said call a docter but that was so bad day our line was dead and though our home is little far from town so it was difficult to go ther also so I return to her and said everything and suddenly she was crying holding her breast and thought she must have heartattack but I was wrong so I quickly gone and call my mom she came and saw everything and she immidiately asked my sis don't u feed to your baby she replied that he refuse I was feeling shame so I move out side but after some minute my mom call me and when I gone my mom kept baby with her said go to your sister room I went ther and next is what happened I never forget when I entered my sis call me and said very quitely look Rishi I am ur sis na could u do me a favor I said you just said I can do everythinf and after that she said can u please drink my breast milk and suddenly I stood up she grab my hand and that time she had tear in her eyes but I shouted to mom but she was not ther then she said I told mom everything don't worry but I said no I can't it is wried I am not a kid and more I don't like milk but she said please for me please I said why don't to through it out she said it was painful only one way to handle and that is sucking
But I said no again then she was crying loudly I was afraid so I said but only one condition I will drink for five minutes she said ok and then she ask me to sleep on the bed she went to close the door I said don't close it so she returned I was afraid she said I thankfull I have a brother like u and she sleep besides and lift up her blouse and her breast came and it was realy so big and she push her self a bit further and said come drink I said ok but I was afraid then she said be quick I said I need u push that in to mouth she said ok so then I open my mouth and she push her nipple in to my mouth and when I suck and it was brilliantly taste I was like it So much I suck harder and when I was sucking my sis was looking at me and smile u r a very good brother and I after five minute she said u r five minute is over I said ok then I am going I sat down but she said u only drink one side another side I said u lier u shoud have said this erlier she smile and I move to the other breast and suck for more then ten minutes and I get up and said this much and then she said thank u I said its ok but I am not gonna do this again
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Jan 12, 2013