I am a bubble crazy momma.  I love to blow bubbles outside and just watch them float up in the sky or burst on the ground or building and trees.  Some think Im kinda strange but I find this so relaxing, a simple thing to do and cheap way to spend some quiet time relaxing the body.  Bubble blowing lightens my heart, makes me appreciate the simple things in life, and just puts a smile on my face.  I'd rather do bubble blowing and bubble watching anyday than to spend lots of money going out to crowded places and getting myself stressed out.  Bubble blowing is a great stress reliever

tatteredwings tatteredwings
9 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Grins I remember those days with my kids, brings back good memories :)

I want 1 lol bubbles bubbles yaaaaaaaaaay

Grins I have one of them bubble guns

he he I got bubble machine


love bubbbles

Way cool lacey love that idea<br />
<br />
Doesnt everyone what???

doesnt every 1

LOL get the really thick soap and sit back and have fun :)