Bubble Blowing Momma!

I never really understood the who bubble blowing thing until I had a child! I never thought that I would even find myself blowing them for him, until one day while we were at walmart he saw this pack of bubbles with his favorite characters on it and cried for it. When we got home with his new bubbles I opened them up and started to blow them for him and now blowing bubbles is one of my favorite things to do with my son.

I love blowing bubbles for him and watching his eyes light up and seeing him giggle as he tries to catch them! It even makes me laugh to watch him trying to chase them around and seeing his face when they pop! Needless to say it also relieves my stress too! 

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5 Responses Mar 24, 2009

There is a guy named "Bubbles" ??????

I have a bubble gun blows out hundreds of them :)

Hmm....... I think I am gonna have to check into getting us one of those!

I have a bubble machine, it's like having someone blow them for me!

I love blowing bubbles<br />
<br />
it lets me enjoy the simple things in life<br />
<br />
If that is the worst thing I do you have nothing on me<br />
<br />