Small Lumps On the Head

I am male in my 70's. My wife has a friend who comes in about every 4 weeks to trim and shape her hair. Last week she suggested, that I had my hair cut. Whilst she was doing this, she said that I had 'Cradle Cap' and suggested that I got, some warm Johnsons baby oil and put it on, and massage  it in. Then to get some 'Polytar Lotion' and put this on dry (Without water) Leave it in for about half an hour. I did all this and eventually washed my hair and about 90% of these lumps had gone. I did the same the next day and my head is lovely and pink (my wife's expression not mine) I have to do this about every 4/6 weeks to keep it clear. I do not know if it was Cradle Cap or maybe something else, But whatever it was it isn't now.  Any comments?

gonandorn gonandorn
Feb 9, 2009