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It's How I Roll

I love Halloween, and I have since childhood. One of the absolute best things about this holiday is trick-or-treating. I have very fond memories of this activity: My mother making my costumes when I was younger, and me picking out the popular store bought ones as I got older (just HAD to be the Pink Ranger). Going door to door in my neighborhood in search of all the sugary hand-outs I could get. Returning home to sort out my goodies and trade the yuckies for even more goodies. And finally going to bed with the "I ate too much candy" bellyache. Those were the days. Not to mention, back then trick-or-treating was actually done in the DARK. *Gasp!* Imagine that.
I've done this just about every year since I can remember. There were a few years in there when I didn't go, for various reasons. One in particular was due to an overbearing relative, who acted as my babysitter for awhile, informing me that I was too old and I was to stay at her house while she took her kids out. I was around 12-13 at that time. And obviously, being an adult, there's now this thing called "employment" that has occasionally prevented me from doing this thing I love. In my adult years I've received very few negative comments about participating in the festivities. In fact, I got more reaction when I was 11 years old, as I matured rather quickly and probably appeared much older. An elderly man even told me to get off his porch!
Trick-or-treating and Halloween in general make me happy, when so few things holiday related do. Halloween is a holiday for me. It's not centered around family or in-laws. No one's trying to guilt trip me into coming over for Halloween dinner. I'm not pressured to spend hundreds of dollars on junk I don't even get a "thank you" for. It's a time when I feel I'm free to be me and do what I want. And thus, I thoroughly enjoy my Octobers, celebrating in any way I can. Haunted trails, concerts, jack-o-lanterns, and of course trick-or-treating.
I don't intend to stop any time soon. Trick-or-treating has become almost ritualistic to me. Health and work schedule permitting, I plan on doing this until I'm old and gray. Of course by then my costumes will certainly have to include masks to hide my wrinkles and keep me from getting turned away. :P
Happy Halloween!
(It's only July, but if you're anything like me you're already excited for fall and you're planning your costume!)
dollfacezombie dollfacezombie 22-25, F 1 Response Jul 11, 2011

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