Prevention Is The Key

I strongly believe that the best defense against eating disorders is prevention. Unfortunately, society is not conducive to that goal. You can't open any women's magazine without seeing an article about diet or weight loss. You get a bunch of women together, and all they talk about is food and diets. Women are criticized for being"too fat". Women are criticized for being "too skinny". I really wish people would just stop talking about food and weight, even under the guise of "being healthy". If you want to have a "healthy lifestyle", that's fine, but do it in a quiet, low-key way.
I'm sure many of you have had a lot of so-called therapists tell you to "just love your bodies". However, I have noticed that you will never see a heavy woman as the cover model for a magazine. Now here's the conflicting, insidious message that causes eating disorders: EAT AND BE THIN. Society wants you to be thin, but you will never see an admitted anorexic on the cover of a magazine. Once someone admits to anorexia, her gig's up, and everyone will turn on her, either in hatred and disgust, or as an attempt to micromanage her life.
I really think that to prevent eating disorders, all comments about another person's weight, size, or figure should be avoided. There's nothing wrong with exercising, eating healthfully, and managing your weight; what really triggers eating disorders is these deeply personal attacks against another person. Here are some examples of remarks that should be avoided: You're getting chunky, You would look better if you just lost some weight, If you would just lose weight, you would be pretty, You'll never get a husband if you keep eating like that...I think you get the idea. Also, if you really want to stop eating disorders, you need to have some examples of heavier women who are intelligent, successful, and most of all, happy and at peace with themselves. It is rare to see heavier women who are not jealous of thin women; some will be downright nasty to thin women. Further, instead of rushing in to "fix" all "anas" by forcing them into so-called treatment programs, as long as the person is even halfway healthy, let her have her life and do what she wants. Most girls who become "ana" want the so-called perfect life: popularity, success, high-paying career, husband, children, and an active social life. I think that "anas" need to be allowed to do their own thing so people can look at them and see that it's not the way to the "perfect" life. I realize that my experience is so different from everyone else's, probably no one can relate to anything I have said so far.
I going to stop now because I really don't enjoy thinking about food and weight; this is why I want to maintain the life I have. Because I'm now to the point where I'm at peace with food and weight, I don't talk about it all the time. I just wish people would stop talking about food and weight. But that will probably never happen. Oh, well, I can dream, can't I? This wasn't a very good post; I may delete it later. I didn't mean to go on a rant or sound angry; I was just sharing some observations.
atpeacewithme atpeacewithme
Jul 14, 2010