Love/hate Relationship

With myself, with food...

I love and hate myself.  Depends on the day.  And, sadly, on my weight, and my image in the mirror.

I love and hate food.  I hate that I love it.  I love that I hate it.  I hate that I need it.

For me it is control, and a number game. 

I am trying, sometimes, to "get better", though that really doesn't work that well...  *sigh*

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I am too. And, I have a new boyfriend who makes it easier to not hate my body. He likes it. Though sometimes what he says keeps me in starvation mode. He likes skinny girls, and he is always telling me that he loves that he can wrap one arm all the way around me. I like that he can do that too, so I am "maintaining" what I have... If I happen to lose I won't complain! LOL. Oh boy...

You probably suffer from body dismorphia in addition to the disease, I know I do. I think it is about looking beyond physical, and what else could you love about yourself, I am working on that right now.

Yeah, because the people around me NEVER lie? I don't think so. I would trust a stranger to tell me the truth before most of the people around me. Those I would trust don't tell me anything.

Maybe your IMAGE of your body is distorted?? You have to believe what people around you say!