The Ultimate Adventure!

I love adventure! I have had quite a few good adventures. I went sky-diving, white water rafting, hot air ballooning. I've gone on an African Safari and now I've made plans to go in a shark cage in Hawaii!
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Lol... Oh.... I never saw the movie, I'm just familiar with the quote.

haha, no I meant in the movie, when he said that, it was sad!

Oh come on now... Why is it that everyone seems to assume that when I make comments like that, it's automatically sad?... Have I really conditioned people to think that way about me? lol

that was sad!

Oh yeah... But like Peter Pan said... "To die would be a great adventure". lol

well that would really be an adventure, especially if you fell out!

The only ones I could probably do would be the Safarai and the white water rafting... The rafting would be interesting because I can't swim, lol.

oh yeah, big time!

You're an adrenal adventurer, then? Sounds awesome!

Ummmm, we do get half breeds. you know the occasional, ahem Crove or Doven. do you raise these birds? Are they pure bread birds?

It's about........I'll I.M you the plot. Anyway, cover charge is $50 for the bird plus taxes and extra should you want the options that it can come with.

no, what's it about?

Have you ever heard of Dark City?

It's really more funny than scary.

I had heard of it, never seen it.

Oh Vertigo. Did you ever see Rebeca? That one was strange.

Uhhhh I prefer Vertigo myself, one of the inspirations to 12 Monkeys. <br />
I just know. (scratches ear lightly)

Ears??? how do you know that? and by the way The Birds scared me as a child!

Okay:<br />
Crows and Ravens go for the ears.<br />
Doves go for the nose and the occasional baseball.<br />
Parrots for the fingers and anything unlucky enough to get caught in its beaks.<br />
And Pigeons, the nuts.

Yes, please tell me.

Surprisingly, they actually go for the ears.

well I'm sure there's extra insurance for when they peck someone's eyes out

You don't even want to know the expenses of Ravens and Crows.

wow, who would have guessed that one little dove would be so much trouble!

Yeah before we go into that; there needs to be a $50 cover charge for the bird's expenses.I mean it's gotta go to you, then come back; they're hard to raise; bird food for them is expensive; plus insurance should it get sucked into the jumbo turbine of a 747 or like airplane.

aww, thank you!

Good luck on your adventure. I shall send a white dove on it's way to you to wish you well.

Thank you!

absolutely awesome. live well!!

Wow-You're an amazing chicky. You're so young to be doing these things. That's great that you have the opportunity.Be careful in that cage!

Very impressive! You rock!