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If you need some advice on something, just simply ask. I will give you the best answer that I can. I of course do not claim to know everything, so I can only give you the answers that make sense to me. They might not make sense to you.

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I'm about to be a JR in hs. Me and my boyfriend have been goin out for just over 7 months now. For the both of us it seems as is it's been way longer. Anyway he just talked about getting married the other day, of course later on towards the end of our schooling. I still wonder tho, what should I do? He's like my best friend and time stops when I'm with him?!?!!

I wouldn't get married to him right away. I personally don't believe in marriage, but I also know people who got married young and though they were in love, things didn't work out. I suggest waiting a couple years after high school just to see if things are the same for you. Time changes things sometimes. Maybe take the time to go to college and figure out what you want to do with your life. It's important to focus on other aspects of your life and not just a relationship with someone. Relationships are very important, but so is the rest of the world. Make sure your life has balance.

Thank you, that helps

Unfortunately Bluecat, I have no had ECT for depression. But I wish you luck on your search for answers! ;)

Thanks! I need to know the aftereffects of electroconvulsive therapy [ECT or Electic Shock], a treatment for depression, from individuals who have had it or know someone who has. Gracious, bluecat

Where i come from we call advice givers nosy b******s

Do you like touching people, and making them feel better? Then yes, yes you should.

Should I go to school and become a massage therapist?