Due Dilligence

O.K. so lately I have been OBSESSING about my rights and the rights of every other citizen of the world. All we want is to be free from the tyrranical greedy pigs that have weaseled their way into positions of "power". The truth is that the only reason these dicks have any power is because we give it to them. Now, I can't account for any mistakes made by the masses before my life began or even for that matter up until I accepted that I have been ignorant and lazy about giving my power away, but now that I have realized that I can change things I have a responsibility and a duty to do it. To quote Robert Menard all these "authority figures" are is "PEOPLE USING WORDS" and that is all. Think about this long enough and you will almost inevitably feel stupid. Why in the hell do we let people make outrageous and ridiculous proclamations about how we "have" to live our lives? Why then do we accept these bogus claims as inarguable and proceed to live our lives according to said proclamations? You can't answer that either can you? Well I have been discovering that EVERYTHING is open to interperretation and up for debate. We simply need to unwrite the wrongs. We need to stop being scared into submission by silly little words. A law after all is just somebody's morally righteous opinion about how I'm supposed to behave. The fact is that I don't "have" to do anything, there are no "supposed to's" and opinions are like a$$h0le$ everybody has one! So do your homework and read the laws and statutes that you are abiding by, but before you do that read the only document that I can say makes any sense at all, your Charter of Rights. When you then read a "law" think back after every sentence and ask "How does this conflict with the Charter of Rights?" You will $h!t your pants.
RefuseResist RefuseResist
31-35, M
Aug 6, 2010