Where To Begin

There is something sad about the human rights situation these days. It torments me day and night. It's the fact that we let a very small 1% of the world population assign us our rights because they are in control of almost half the worlds money.. The very idea of someone telling me what my fundamental entitlements as a human are is just INSANE!! First of all our rights as humans are not to be assigned to as as someone else sees fit. We are born with them, they are divine. Our rights existed before we were even born only to be slowly chiseled away with laws and poverty and class seperation and religion and government. All of these things are designed to make people feel as though they are unworthy of a life of contentment, and keep them working towards some kind of superficial redemption that they can attain by paying their taxes and being a good christian. Bu!!shItt!!!!! The saddest part of all is that we sheepishly accept this and do nothing to stop it. Rights are almost wasted on us. If there is one thing worth fighting for in this world it is our rights to be free and fed and clothed and safe. FIGHT PEOPLE it's not too late. Fight now before it is. Cut up your credit cards, turn off your tv refuse to be taxed into poverty!!! we as the people tha make this world work FAR outweigh the greedy pigs that we are answering to as though we have no choice. We DO have a choice and do you know why?? Because we have a RIGHT to choose!!!! We were BORN with it I say we REVOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!

RefuseResist RefuseResist
31-35, M
Feb 21, 2010