I fight for equality!

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me too

There will never be equality as long as there are stupid people!<br />
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Knowing one's place in the world and reaching your level of competence is where your place is. You have become self-actualized. Accept that and move on.<br />
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Being deluded and thinking you deserve things that are above your level of competence is the Peter Principle in effect, and now you are tipping the scales of natural selection. When this happens, you are messing with nature, and Nature will bite you in the ***.<br />
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If you take a look at Nature, you will see balance, NOT equality!<br />
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Unfortunately there are too many idealists in the human species that THINK equality is an attainable goal. Marx, Lenin and Machiavelli would be proud of you, comrade sister. <br />
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For every person that you give equality to, there will be ten more that you have taken something away from, and they will despise you and perhaps even come after you for a reckoning.<br />
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Go easy on yourself, and live by example, and let the world take care of itself.

lol. i guess we (guys) who should fight for equality .but any way we have to fight for what we believe .good luck mate.

Go on sister soldier!!!!