My journey has only led me to more uncertainty.

I was raised a Jehovah's Witness (JW). In my early thirties, I was forced out of the religion for visiting a couple of churches. Talk about "freedom of religion!" Anyway, I completely deprogrammed myself, and summarily rejected the JWs. I went through a bunch of other Protestant sects and eventually rediscoved my Catholic heritage (I was born and baptized a Catholic). I went through first communion and confirmation about two years ago. But i had this nagging doubt about the problem of evil and I did not like the explanations given.

To me, there is simply no good answer as to why an almighty supreme being could sit idly by while monsters among us torture and kill defenseless young children, even babies. In fact, when this actually happens in real life and no one even bothers to call 911, we are shocked and dismayed. Religious people say that such individuals are guilty of the "sin of ommission." Yet, it seems like the almighty isn't held to the same standard (assuming there is even a supreme god). Why is God not also guilty of the "sin of omission?"

My dilemma is this: If there is a supreme being, what right does he or she have to exact obediance from me? And so what if it seems like a higher power does intervene from time to time! Is this not a form of favoritism? Is this not partiality? That is why it almost makes more sense to me that there isn't a supreme god, if in fact there is a god at all. I believe that I will only know for sure when I die. And if that means that in the meantime the existence of god is a big question mark,  then I guess that makes me an agnostic.

Whatever be the answer, at least I am open minded. I have been that way all my life. That is what got me out of the JWs, and other religions. And that is what guides me today. It is too bad that so many people are not like that. But some are and for that I am glad!  :)
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God has given us all free will, he doesn't "exact obedience." That's why there is bad stuff in the world, because people choose sin over the right thing to do. It's sad, isn't it?:( But our Earth isn't supposed to be a perfect place. Oh well, take care!

I am completely with you. It's impossible to know, so why agonize about it? Do the best you can for you and accept others as they are. That's the best we can do, so cheers and all the best to you.