What I Know...and What I Don't Know....

I don't know for certain if there is or isn't a god. I don't know how the Universe or mankind or anything really actually came to be. But I do know that we did not come from a ball of clay called "Adam". I do know that virgins do not have babies. I do know that science has shown that Earth is around 4.6 billion years old...not a mere 6,000 years old. I am fairly certain now that the Bible is mainly mythological tales surrounded by just enough historical references to make it dangerous. I am an "agnostic" which means basically that I have "no knowledge" concerning things outside the sphere of reality.
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2 Responses Dec 18, 2012

The Bible was written by the Christians and priest but what Jesus has said has immense value and to know that one has to go into silence and let the answer come from within you.Good that you don't believe this silly things,written for juveniles.Find the source from within, only your experience will be proof enough.There are many questionable things in Christianity,like the virgin birth and the only son etc.Is god that spent,or is he using birth control.

True,but one cannot know these things through the books or for that matter from authorities but your own source,I hope you could understand what I mean by "own source"But you are courages enough to go into the unknown.Thanks for your response.

Bravo! Well said!