I am no Agnostic because I think you can tell I am a full blood Christian. I do what the bible tells me to do. We all short and we sin. God see us as sinners on Earth. God favors no one. I love going to church. I love to pray. If you want to get to know me then come to my page and read my stories. It is nice there is no bashing in here, tell me more about yourself, tell me about your journey being Agnostic and I know you believe in a high power, but confusing me.
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What do you post to experiences that are exactly the opposite of what you believe.? If you're an unabashed Christian then share that,, this is not what you believe so why expect to have support.
Agnostic is another term in the category of non believers and states they have no reason to believe in a deity .It's much about semantics and nit picking over definitions .
You say you believe in the bible .If you believe in the stories from the OT you can believe as you will but they're fables and we know full well are not an actual description of this planet .

This person is a troll, Tom. I know they have more than one account and have been posting this nonsense all over the place. Please flag.

Thanks Lilt,I found it odd they wanted to be in my circle . The games people play every night and day :-)

Stop. Spamming.

I used to believe every word of the bible was true and that I knew everything because everything I needed to know was in the bible. I was the definition of gnostic. But the more I studied the bible. The more I realized it can't be true, and that I never had a reason to believe it. I just picked up the book and assumed it was true because everyone else did. But it's full of immorality, internal contradictions, and contradictions with nature. Once I realized I didn't know everything and couldn't rely on a single book, I studied science and history and psychology and all kinds of new things. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know compared to all there is to know. And if I had stuck with the bible I would still believe the same 3500 year old misinformation, never improving my knowledge or building on it. That is why I'm an agnostic atheist.

This is your opinion, but not interested in hearing about it Thanks.

I will be willing to talk to you about something else.

Well I'm just answering the question you asked in the post I am replying to. Don't ask if you don't want to hear the answer.

Fair enough,

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