Newbie With Burning Questions......

Hi~I'm a newbie & I sure hope someone can help me.My fiance is in BMT in Texas now & next month will graduate,then tech school for security forces.We were planning on a wedding next May. I have 2 burning questions,that I have been getting the run around with.Question 1: If he gets his 1st orders in the states,wil he be able to ask for leave for next May,as soon as he arrives at hisfirst orders location ? Question 2: IF he gets sent overseas for 12-18 months,does he have to stay there the entire time,ie,he wouldn't be allowed to ask for leave for next May? I don't even know the length of time they would send him overseas..... Sooo,if anyone could answer any of these questions,or has had an experience like this & can give me any more info,I sure would be grateful! Thanks~Kathy (o:
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well if it help my hubby is in security force were stationed in valdosta and he arrived hhere in march and jus took t two a two week leave so his leave expecially for marriage wont be a problem they are very family oriented people so if he is up font with them and lets them aware of the situation it should be fine but evey base differs. but i truly think it will be fine and for the second question i am not completly sure but like i said they are usually very understanding about marraige so just have him talk to his commanders soon as he arrives and make them aware so they can work it out <br />
p.s. if it helps we he has been in this for a year now and though is is fixen to deploy not to many security force people that he has been around go over seas to much unless it a prp base and if ur prp he cant deploy so dont worrie to much about it <br />
hope i help some