My Husbadn Left Today:(

He left today and it is really hard being in th house with all fo his stuff and knowing I am not going to see him for almost another three months. I stayed strong all the way till he left and it is all hitting me now. I am so lonley. I went out and got a jobt o help pass the time, and I start tommoroww but I am thinking that will be to soon for me to start I am not sure if I can deal with being around other people et just because I am not sure if I can handle seeing other couples happy or what if I see something that reminds me of him. I really would like to get responses on how some of you coped with your loved one being gone. And just to add I have no friends were we live I am serious new here and I ha ve no idea how to meet new peopl ethat can relate to my situation adn not to mention I am really young. Plese help. Thank you for all the fututre post I really do appreciate it.
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

My husband left for training the 17th, but I said my goodbyes on the 16th. This last week has been the hardest, and I have learned alot about myself! I felt a feeling you get when you are homesick, I don't have many people to go to either where I live, and it's a lonely world when you are by yourself. He has been gone a week, and I am just now going back to work, I didn't feel ready either, but I have tried to keep myself busy with as much as I possibly can, and it truthfully does make the days go by faster, except the nights, in which i get no sleep! I am here for you to talk to if you need it, good luck!

Start your new job, volunteer, write him letters every day, stay positive and stay busy. It is not going to help you to stay home and cry... My husband is at tech school too, so we have already been through that time. Yes, it sucks, but just try to stay positive. You don't need to stay home longer. That is going to make you even more sad. Just because his AF career started doesn't mean that your life has to stop. Try to write him a letter every night, thats what I did and it helped both of us a lot. In your letters be supportive because as much as you are feeling lonely, be sure that he is feeling worse. Letters help a lot. Other than that, hang in there, and if you need to talk, just message me :)

Hi i'm cassie my soon to be husband(thursday) is in tech school now but i know how it felt to endure him going to basic so if you need anyone to talk to i'm here