9 More Days!!!

Well my husband and I have been married for 3 months now but we've been together for 5 yrs. He is currently in San Antonio for BMT. He is in his seventh week and I get to finally see him on the 19TH and I am sooooo excited. These seven weeks have gone suprisingly fast but at the same time it feels like forever since i've seen him. I miss him so much. This is the longest time we have ever spent apart. I write him every night and I send him a letter every morning so he gets a letter from me everyday except for weekends. I cant wait to finally be in his arms again. He and I both feel that this experience has brought us closer and has made our love for each other grow more and more everyday. I'm excited for tomorrow because I receive letters from him every Wed. so that'll probably be the highlight of my day lol. Well i'm a bit worried abot tech school. He'll be going to Wichita Falls. Does anyone know how the phase system works and how soon will I be able to go visit him or he'll be able to come visit me? it's about a 3 hr drive i am willing to make.smiley
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congrats on BMT almost being over! I promise tech school is much better! haha My husband is at Sheppard in Wichita Falls for tech school now and graduates the 26th. What is your husband's job? The phase system is pretty simple. From what I remember phases 1 and 2 last 3 weeks and then the rest of their time there is phase 3. I don't remember exactly so don't quote me on this but I thinkk phase 1 they have to wear ABUs all the time outside of their dorm, and can only use their phones inside their rooms. Also I don't think they're allowed off base during phase 1 at all. Phase 2 they can wear civilian clothes on base except for duty hours obviously, and can go off base (within a 25 mile area) but have to be in blues. Phase 3 they have a lot more freedom... they can travel within 250 miles on weekends. My husband and I drove to Dallas one weekend while I was visiting him. It's really up to you when you want to visit him, just keep in mind he doesn't have a lot of freedom during phase 1. When I visit my husband I stay at the Sheppard Inn there on base and have found it pretty convenient. Also something to keep in mind they are not "supposed" to go to hotels during tech school. Since you guys are married though he can request to stay in a hotel with you on a Saturday night only... he just has to fill out a form and go to a briefing on Friday night. Sorry this turned out so long but hopefully it's helpful! haha Have fun at your man's graduation next week!