Newlywed And Moving!

My husband and I have been married for about 2 months now and unfortunately we started out our marriage long distance.  He is in Wichita Falls for tech school and I live in Tucson where we both grew up.  He graduates the 26th and comes to Tucson for a couple weeks on RAP duty (recruiter's assistance program).  From there we are off to Little Rock AFB in Arkansas to start our life!!  I am really excited for our move, but at the same time a long-distance move can be stressful.  We're doing a Do it Yourself move, but I'm a little confused about how all the reimbursements and everything works.  I'm sure a lot of you ladies have gone through these moves before, and any advice you could give me would be extremely helpful!  Also if anyone else is at Little Rock AFB it would be great to know some people there!
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

i woulde him talk to his squadrin leader just because every base is different and they might give u better direction or whatever so better safe then sorry good luck

that does help out a lot thank you! Is there anyone we need to contact before our move or do we just save our weight receipts and go in after the move?

ok we just went through one it was only across basse but i can tell you all about it its called a ditty move you weigh your vechile before u pack it then go weigh it again when you get back the more stuff you have the more you get paid and of course how much mileage you have the more the more money my airman moved across base and made a good bit so moving long distance will be a lot of extra money but it takes 6 weeks to get the money after you move sometimes you can get an advance on some of the money if you need some to help pay for the move but dealing with finance is hard they are completely dumb monkeys could do a better job lol well hope that helped some if have any more questions just ask