I Am Soooo Scared!!!

Hey Everyone. I am of course new to the Air Force family, but really i havent started my AF life yet. My husband does not leave for BMT until May 2nd. OMG that is so close. I am hear to hear some stories and get true opinons of what you all like and hate. And if you have any advice of what i should do to prepare or how i could be a better wife in the AF life, please feel free to let me know. I have been with my hubby for 5 years but we have only been married 1 month. So i am new to being a wife too. I know i can learn alot from the women who have been thru it before me so TEACH ME TEACH ME PLEASE!!!

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I am not an air force wife but a wife I have been. One thing is for sure it all comes down to commitment are you willing to stick it out through the goodtimes and bad.It helps to become a member of a church and to believe in him no matter what. Let jesus be your guide manhood issues come from insecurity however a good women knows how to make a man feel secure about himself by believing in him and confirming his manhood by uplifting him and telling him know that you believe he is a hero when nobody els does.

My husband left for BMT 4 weeks ago today. We have been married for about 5 months. This is the hardest thing! I miss him so much! Im so scared about the other things that I will face in the future. I hate being apart from him. I feel like I am separated from my best friend-I am used to doing everything with him! Now Im just alone. I am trying to keep busy but even that is hard because my heart isnt in it part of the time.

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To everyone who has commented or asked for my advice I am so sorry i could not respond to you because for some reason i am not able to message ppl on this site anymore but I would still love to chat with all of you. Contact me on Facebook at Brittany Bailey-Hall (just let me know who you r and i will accept u). or email me at thelovelymrshall@yahoo.com I am so sorry for the craziness... But military life is going GREAT we are stationed in Cheyenne WY.. I love it..It was a 1 year on May 5th that my husband went to basic and I have learned so much since I would love to share some knowledge like people have done with me..

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I am 19 and married to a Air force member, my husband is leaving august 17. We have a child together and shes 1 yr old. I have been with him for 3 yrs this year married for almost a yr.I am scared what is going to occur when he leaves because I am attending college in the fall for RN. I dont know how to drive and I am worried on how I am going to have transportation.

Its crazy that you say this. I feel like your me in the future hah. Im 17 right now and pregnant with a little girl. My boyfriend(who i hope to be married to sometime soon) was just informed that he will be deploying in august of 2013. I plan do be starting school to become an RN the february before he is suposed to leave. it already worried be before he was told about when he'll be deploying but now it worries be a thousand times more, but i don't tell him that. im worried it will upset him more then he already is about having to leave me and our little girl

Hi there. My husband just left for bootcamp yesterday 6/1/10 to san antonio tx. Im a wreck!! Maybe you can help me. I hear all these stories of husband cheating in the military and it scares the **** out of me. I need to be more supportive but how do i do thst when I cant stop crying?<br />
Any advise?<br />

I am also new to the AF family my husband just left for BMT may 3rd and arrived in texas yesterday. We also have been together for 5 years and only married for 1 month, so i know exactly how you feel.

Well I'm not offically an "air force wife" either my husband just just talking about it and being serious about it...Kind of never racking acutally..Alot of what ifs ya know? Iwouldl ove to have someone t talk to about it so if you would like to chat with me sometime feel free to email me or message me if you have ya hoo messenger im krystalcox1 on there....i hope to talk toyou soon!!! Good luck with everything!!!

I have been an Air Force wife for just over 2 and a half years. Our first base was at McChord AFB in Washington...we loved it there, and we made some wonderful friends there. On February 26th, we arrived in Germany for a 4 year PCS (permanent change of station)...<br />
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One of the things I love about the Air Force is the basically free healthcare...it seems free, cause we never have to really pay for anything (it's already taken out of paycheck)...they pay for the hospital bills for the birth of your children...I have yet to have any kids, but I know that this will alleviate some of the stress of that bill...<br />
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It really depends on the job that your hubby has, but the schedule can be annoying for their working hours...like my hubby, for example, is a firefighter, and his schedule is every other day...except every other week he gets Mon-Wed off...and he always has Tues off...<br />
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Don't worry...you will be fine...it takes a while to get used to, but once everything gets figured out, you will be okay...