47 Days Until My Hubby Leaves For Bmt And Tech School For The Air Force And I Am So Scared And Don't Know What To Expect

3 months ago my husband decided to join the air guard. This was completely out of the blue and I was not expecting it at all. We have been married for 4 years and together for 10 and he had never acted interested in joining the military before and then all of the sudden one october day of 2011 he said " I think I am going to go talk to a recruiter about joining the air force. 2 weeks later he was swearing in and now we are 47 days away from him leaving for bmt and tech school. He will be gone for a total of 7 months and I am terrified of the idea of being with out him for so long. I know it sounds stupid to say that I am terrified by this, but I suffer from sever anxiety and panic attacks and I feel like with out him here my anxiety and panic attacks will get out of control and I will have no one here to help calm me down and make things better. I am afraid that I will get depressed and that I will be miserable for 7 months ( which seems like forever with out him.) I am not sure what to expect from all of this and I would love to hear stories from others who have been through this and what made it easier for them. Any kind encouraging words would be greatly appreciated.

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I know that it will be extremely hard but believe me when I say that it will be worth it. Focus on one thing at a time, it will make it easier... do not think 7 months because 7 months is a really long time. Lets start with BMT, which is 8 weeks. When he is in BMT write to him every single day it will help you and him, send him pictures as well. And look forward to those random phone calls from him, so keep your phone on you at all times and the sound on high. Then before you know it he will be graduating and you can see him for 3 days, it doesnt seem like much but after 8 weeks of him being gone those 3 days will mean the world. (My fiance is in tech school) Once hes finds out his tech school and gets there and everything then you will be allowed to visit him on weekends. And if where you live doesnt exceed the distance then he can visit you. And he will be allowed to call/text you after duty hours. You just need to take one step at a time but support him. Because once he is there you will be his motivation to keep going and succeed because it is hell there for those men. I could talk forever lol but if you want to know more or need to vent or anything you can message me. One thing though, do not take theses last days with him for granted because you will regret it when he is gone, so enjoy the time you still have until you can be with him again. Goodluck.