Excited For The Air Force Wife Life!

Hi everybody!

I am engaged to the most wonderful person (though it took me a while to realize just how lucky I am!) He is almost 21 and I am almost 19. A few weeks ago he dropped the bomb on me that he was considering going into the Air Force but now I couldn't be more excited! He has already talked to a recruiter over the phone and has his first face to face meeting on Tuesday. I am not new to "military" life as my dad, uncle, grandfather, and now brother are/have been in the military but I am totally new to specifically Air Force life. My brother is a US Marine and I could not be more proud of him. The military pride in our family runs deep which just makes me all the more excited that I will now be one of those strong woman known as the military wife and officially "join the club" instead of just look from the outside in. Anyway, that was just a little background :)

Any advice on what I can expect? Most of what I know stems from the Marine Corps but I would like a little more info on the air force and what life is like for a wife. I know I will not be able to talk to him or see him while he is in BMT but what about tech school? And I know he gets to fill out a "dream sheet" of where he would like to be stationed but what are the odds of actually getting any of those bases? How soon can I expect a deployment after he has graduated tech? Anything would be helpful! Thanks y'all.

livimo livimo
18-21, F
May 13, 2012