Bundle Of Nerves And Excitement

Hello All,
I'm Amanda and my husband just left for BMT on May 7th. We have been together for 5 years and are about to have our 2nd year wedding anniversary (while he's still in BMT) and we are expecting our first child in September (i'm a little over 5 months right now). To be perfectly honest, when my husband and I first started dating (in high school) neither one of us wanted anything to do with the military life. We both are children of fathers who spent at least 20 years in the Air Force and we wanted a taste of regular civilian life. Now 3 years later, and we are at the begining of his Air Force career. Honestly, I couldn't be more excited for this decision. It's amazing how much you miss it when you get stuck in the everyday life of the civilian world. Don't get me wrong I don't look down on a civilian life--we just realized it wasn't what we really wanted out of life. Although I am excited about this life choice I also have to be honest and say that I am also nervous. It is quite and adjustment from child dependent to spouse. I am handling him being gone a lot better than I expected although some days are better than others (i'm sure hormones have an effect on that). The biggest adjustment is being independent more than usual. Before my husband left, we spent as much time possible together. I would love to talk to anyone who would like to chat because I'm still new to this role. I'm still finding my way but i'm sure it will be quite a ride!
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You haven't heard from him at all? No letters or phone calls? I assume you at least got the address post card? On Facebook look up "AF wingmoms" and they will have a group for you to joIn for your husbands flight. You can look up "USAF BMT" and that page is really helpful, you can ask questions and the admins (current airmen) will answer for you---they also post pictures every week if different flights.

Yeah I received the post card with his address in it. And I finally got a phone call from him Sunday night. I feel so relieved :). Thanks for the info on facebook. Any information I can find out i'm excited to look at. Thanks so much again!

My husband is at BMT right now, week 6 (BEAST week). We've been together 6 years, started dating in high school and we just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary :) Well I celebrated it, he was probably cleaning something or doing push ups! Are you a member on wingmoms facebook page? You can join a discussion group for your husbands flight----those women have made this process so much easier! The role of military spouse is all new to me, but I'm happy to do so my husband can fulfill his dream. What tech school is your husband attending? My husband is heading to Goodfellow for fire academy.

My husband is in his 3rd week of BMT right now. I still have no information yet. I have yet to hear anything from him. As far as we could tell (before he left) he would have 8 weeks of class at Randoff,AFB and then we would be moving to Nelis, AFB for him to complete 16 months of training for the unmanned aircrafts. I can't wait until I get to talk to him because then maybe I can get some answers as to what to expect. I haven't heard anything about facebook pages that I can join. I'll look into it and see what i can find! :)

To be perfectly honest the anticipation of him being gone was worse than actually dealing with him being gone, for me. The first night without him was the part that I was most worried about. But, in my experience, i was so exhausted that I slept just fine. Then the next day when I had to be in our home without him there. Everyone handles it differently but I'm handling it way better than I expected. Just enjoy the time you two have until he goes. I'm always here to chat as well. Sometimes it's easier to talk to those who actually feel how you feel. Just gotta remember--it will all be worth it!