Super New At This

Ok, so my husband and I just got married Friday after two years together. He is in the DEP but is leaving for basic on March 5, and I have so. Many. Questions. But don't really know where to begin with them! And really know no one else in this sort of position. Any advice for us anyone would like to give? I'd totally appreciate it :)
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My husband left march 5th as well!! What trs/flt is he? Mine is 322/315 :)

we been married for seven years and he been in the air force just as long and we've been stationed 5 different duty stations so if u have any questions u can ask me if u want

Hey! :D My husband and I are at our first duty station and he is relatively new! (he's only been in a year) so please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you'd like! (:

hie..ask me..message me..ur questions dear