Moving To Sheppard

My husband just began his Tech School at Sheppard AFB. He called and told me that someone else who just entered phase 3 had his wife and kids come down and get an apartment so he could live with him. My hubby's school will be 4 months in Texas total. Has anyone else moved with their husbands just for tech school? He's in Reserves so we will not be going any where else. I really want to go. We have 2 kids. My oldest is in kindergarden so I maybe would have to finish the year homeschooling him...? It wouldn't be too bad I guess. I have read a few places when looking for apartments that a number of wives have moved there for 3 or 4 months. But A LOT of people say "stay put." Well, I don't want to. But I do want to make the best desicion. He wants us to come down there. I want to go down there. But I'm not sure what the practical thing to do would be. Probably stay here, BUT I don't want to spend more time away if I don't have to.

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Well, me and my hubby met at one tech school and then he got reclassed to another at Sheppard. I got out and then moved to Sheppard to marry him. Big mistake! I should have just married him and then went back home to wait. We had to pay rent with no BAH, so it was the most horrible apartment I've ever seen, and we were so broke. And that was 10 years ago when we didn't have kids yet. I couldn't imagine having to live in that place with our two kids. <br />
Plus, it's tech school. He's there to learn. It's a whole lot of information about something he may have never ever even cared to know about jammed into 4 months. It's a lot of studying and some blocks may be unrecyclable blocks, meaning that if he fails that one part of school, he fails the whole thing. And then he would have to be reclassed into another career field and that might be to another base. Are you going to take your kids to the next base if that happens? Because that next tech school might be a year long or just six weeks. Then you have all the weird almost-basic like formations before and after school, PT for hours, etc. I remember having to sit in my car in the parking lot for hours waiting for him to be released and having no way of knowing when that would be. 'Cause you can't call him if he might be in formation, he'd get in a whole lot of trouble.<br />
I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you need to understand that you're husband is in the miliitary now. He's going to leave. And I don't mean on just deployments, there's always TDYs and training, especially if he's a newbie who needs all the schooling to advance his skill level in order to make rank. You need to get used to being apart. He's going to miss birthdays (my husband missed the birth of our first child), anniversaries (because of his AEF rotation he's only with me for every other one of ours, including this year, our 10th), and other special days. But you make up for it later. It sucks but that's what we all signed up for. <br />
The best thing would be to stay put and just wait. It's only 4 months. Trust me, it's not that long. My husband has been on an unaccompanied tour in Korea for 10 months of a 12 month tour. We get through it.

My husband was at tech school at Sheppard as well and I lived in Oregon. i decided the heck with it and just got on a plane and moved down there for a couple of months. It is not technically allowed since they are not there for that long. They will not give you BAH so you will have to pay rent on your own. I had to get overseas clearance and we didn't live near a base so I just decided to go join him there. If you have any questions feel free to ask!