My Husband Just Went To Basic Trraining.

We just got married last october. we're both 19. no kids. and he just left for BMT this tuesday, 3/2/10.. Its so hard not having someone at night to be with. how fast does time go??

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I promise you that it goes by slow at first but then get's faster. If you are planning on going to see him make sure you do as much as possible in those 3 Days. I know only one day you get to go off base but make the best of it. My husband has been in for a year now, we are stationed in England right now going through our first deployment. What job did he pick?

I was single during basic, but I had friends who were married. Our AIT was combined with basic, so they were apart for fourteen weeks. They made it just fine. <br />
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You hang in there. Talk with your supportive relatives and friends. And write him frequently whether he writes back or not because often he won't be able to, but hearing from you will be a real boost.