My Airman Flew Away

My airman just let for BMT on July 20th, and when he missed his connecting flight in Houston so he arrived at Lackland at about 1am.  Instead of waiting to call his parents on Saturday, he was made to call them at 1am which lead them to not being able to get his address!  I was absolutely crushed becasue I have been writing a long heartfelt letter to him, and now I cannot even send him the letters. 

We just got engaged a few months ago and the last few weeks, we were getting on each others nerves because he moved back home with his parents, who lived about 2 hours away from me.  I wanted to keep going to see him, but he said it didnt make sense for me to drive up there for a few hours and drive right back down.  We finally got everything back on track and when we went to see him get sweared it, we were all happy being together.  When he called me when he got to the airport and was telling me he loved me and everything.

Right now, he has been at basic for 7 days now, which the days have bee going so slowly.  I am just so scared that when he goes to basic and when he seeing me at graduation, I dont want him to think he does not want me anymore, I mean we have been through so much together, with my parents nasty divorce, which he always tells me " If I didnt love you, I would have left you when the divorce had started".  I know that means alot, but not being able to hear his voice every day or see him, I just feel my heart racing just thinking about him.  I am saying this because I am looking for people I can talk with who are shairing or who have shared my same experiences. 

One guilt I am having is because I started my new job, I wont be able to ask off for the Coin Ceremony, but I am surprising him by being there for the parade.  I just am hoping that my Airman will understand, he said he did, but you know how some people say one thing but feel another.  I just want him to know how excited I am to see him, and how sorry I am I wont be there for his Airman's run...I know he understand I just want to know that my Airman knows I love him and cannot wait to see him again. They keep telling me distance make the heart grow founder, and I know its true but do we really have to go through all this pain before hand?

I want to know, does the seperation really make the relationship stronger? And will he be so happy to see me when he has graduation weekend off? I guess what I am looking for are people who can relate to me and help me through these difficult 8.5 weeks.Thank you!
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I know how you feel I felt the same way when my man left for BMT, but he finished in July and I survived the wait. Communication back home all depends on if the MTI thinks the men have earned the privilege to use the phone or get their mail. For instance, I got a phone call about every Sunday after the 2nd week and I got 1-3 letters each week. The guys don't have much free time, but they do their best. I was all worried about my boyfriend leaving me too. I kept having this horrible nightmare of him leaving me for some scary AF Woman, but then I realized that he loves me and quite frankly the women in the AF are very nice, but there isn't much competition in looks ;) Besides they're all too busy to even notice the opposite sex and if they do well lets just say they don't get to shower everyday lol. <br />
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I know you can make it through this just keep yourself busy. I took up doing yoga and bike riding to tone up after work (then I'd look even better when he got to see me at graduation). Spend lots of time with your friends because they'll keep you laughing. Your man is doing some amazing things so why shouldn't you? <br />
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I'm always here to talk if you need a pair of ears... well eyes in this case lol.

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Thank you so much. I know how you are feeling right about now, since I bet his TI made him call at 2 am so that she was not able to write down the address. I am here to talk with any time, I know exactly how you are feeling and do not worry, it will pass quickly. I know everyone says this, but I cannot believe tomorrow will be BEAST week for my guy. Trust his promises and know that you will be the only thing he is thinking about during basic. Make an effort to start writing him now and the moment you or his mom gets a letter from him, address all the letters you have already written and send them asap. What will his job be in? My guy is going straight to CA as well and I am in Chicago. If you want to chat or anything, hopefully we can meet on here otherwise send me a message and we can add one another on FB. I am here to talk and we can trade stories :-)

I am here for you. I am in the same situation with my job, and my Fly boy left August 23rd, same issue with the planes,he got in at 2 am and his mom isn't sure of what she wrote down. :-(<br />
They also said he won't get any leave between basic and shipping to training... so my boy will be headed from Texas to California.... I am in Michigan. :-(<br />
At least you two got engaged first... I have no promises except the ones he made before he left. I miss him so much, there is a hole in my life where my partner left... and knowing it will be so long before he can be beside em again makes this ache so much deeper.<br />
I am also looking for someone to sympathize with, trade stories, chat with who understands the loss..<br />
so few do I think.