I'm Young But I Don't Want To Lose Him...

My boyfriend and I started dating a little while ago but he is soon going to head off to the airfore... I don't know what to think... I don't ever what to lose him... He's graduating this month and I'm only a sophomore in high school... What if he finds another girl and doesn't want to come back to young ole me? How am I gonna last Not being able to see him? I'm going to just enjoy the summer and the time we will have together but that thought will always be in the back of my mind....
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Hi hun, I'd like to share my story.<br />
I'm 16, and a junior next fall. my boyfriend graduated class of 2011 and is now in the air force for a whole year in 5 days. <br />
It really can work. When my man left for Basic Training (boot camp), I thought he would for sure find some cool, older air force chick. But instead, we fell EVEN more in love.<br />
In fact he finds most his AF coworkers ugly... Lol. Their hair is up.<br />
But, we have similiar stories and that is really cool!<br />
add me on facebook if you like <br />

Hey honey! My boyfriend has been in the airforce for almost 2 years now and I know it seems hard not to think about all those things but trust me he will be thinking about you constantly too. My boyfriend and I started dating in April and he left in I wanna say it was September so we hadn't been dating long and while we had strong feelings for each other I knew with him being so far away all I could think about is keeping his eyes only on me. But honestly that really isn't a big problem we have faced. He is very honest with me and he always jokes saying there is a reason they joined the Air Force honey. And about not seeing him it will hurt everyday but you have to think that you are fighting for your love and that not only is he serving his country but so are you by sacrificing the distance. If you have anymore question you are welcome to message me I cannot promise to be able to answer all of them but I can try my hardest