32 Daaaays; Graduation Help Needed .

Lately I've been down , I've been spazzing in my letters
and i got my 15 minute phone call today this one was probably the most emotional one on my end ... literally every word he said i teared up , he told me to stop over thinking and relax and i really do need to chill lol but he's going into week 4 and i came across this website to help organize things for bmt graduation . so i'll be calling Monday

lol we talked like regular times made jokes about how much of a cake he is lol of course i was super sensitive and cried during that conversation and just the thought of him having to talk to me next weekend and him telling me bye made me sadder but then again that will be another week down and a week closer to graduation . . . i really need to invest my time into something these next four weeks like working out for at-least 30-45 minutes Monday-Thursday .

i think the only think i'm worried about it transportation to graduation ,
im taking the bus ( greyhound) to San Antonio from there idk how i'll get to my hotel most likly a taxi but im still trying to find a hotel literally walking distance to the base if you ladies have any suggestions please help me
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My friend Brandy and I only have 40days left til we get to see our AIRMEN(: we are sooo excited!! Any tips on how to stay busy??

aww i got , 4 days now ...
but tips on staying busy
hm i'm in college so i focus on school work
i started doing little arts projects , uhm working out
and just writing him and hang in there i remember when he had that many days but it goes by fast believe it or not

Thanks so much! (: SOO happy for you (: