Flight Or Bus ( Graduation Info )

I was curious on flying to San Antonio From Dallas ...
found a ticket for 65$

And a bus ticket for 25 ( Grey Hound )

Flying would take me a Hour... me leaving at 6:20pm and arriving to San Antonio at 7:20 pm

Taking a bus i would be leaving at 9:50 pm and arriving @ 4:05 A.m

I'm going to have to get a hotel for Wednesday idk i guess

taking the bus wouldn't be bad because i save 20$ but arriving at 4:05 a.m and have to be up at 5:45 just to have my taxi on time for the brief meeting Thursday morning at 7 i wanna be at the meeting at-least 15 minutes early


what are yall thoughts .

should i take the flight 65(plane Ticket)+30(Taxi) ; arrive faster
or . . . 25(Bus ticket)+30(taxi) Be on a bus for 5 hours

or get a earlier bus time ? HELP
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I'd say if you wanted to save money take the bus maybe look into a different time.....heck both options sound super awesome compared to mine! I'm coming from Florida so I'll be on a plane for 5 hrs!

i choose the bus , lol i'll be on the bus fr 5hours and 10mnutes

Oh OK making plans is so exciting! We're that much closed I just gate I don't know the weather so I don't know what to buy!!

lol when is his graduation hun ?

Nov 30th.

awww you got one more monh its going to come by so fast ! so yes plan early hun

Oh Yes I already bought our tickets and reserved the hotel only thing left is to rent a car and purchase clothes!!!

i cant wait til thursday to see my bf i'll give you info on everything

Awes have fun I know your excited!!! Please do!!

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