First Deployment And Half Way Through But Worried? :/

My boyfriend is still deployed until March, but I constantly worry about us not making it all the way through. In the beginning we had our hard times and I felt like he wasn't giving me the love I needed and was always worried about me cheating :/ So, I start assuming he was cheating and it just started a bunch of arguments every night! So, I started thinking that we wouldn't make it all the way through. I talked to my close guy friends that have been deployed and they were putting crazy stuff in my head and that's where I started worrying. They would tell me there is no way he isn't cheating and all this crazy stuff. They also made me feel good about myself by saying I'm gorgeous and everything like that that my boyfriend wasn't saying to me so they made me feel better than my boyfriend did at some point and that made me think even more! Now, we have worked things out and we have been fine for a while and hopefully it stays that way. Reminder, this is our first deployment together, for me and him both, so it is all brand new to us! Plus I have anxiety and don't take medication for it lol. Do you think I'm crazy for worrying about it constantly or is it just me? Should I just let it go and if we are doing fine we will stay fine? I don't know what to do, deployments are really REALLY hard and wasn't expecting this to be so rough. What should I do?? We have already made it this far, I wonder if we can make it 3 more months?
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Do all airman get deployed?

Are you kidding me