How I Fell For My Airman

Hi world! My name is Rachel and i'm 18 years old. almost 19 but not quite! I wanted to share with everyone my story of how I fell for an Airman!

Well, first things first. let's take things back a couple months. ( i warn you everything happened so fast) I met a guy named alex at the club. he was ok looking. I never really went to the club but if i did it was to dance and just have fun with the girls. Alex gave me his number we hung out a few times and I was annoyed he drove me insane... I just felt bad because well i'm not sure why. anyways fast forward! I recently decided i wanted to find all lost friendships and become close with everyone that was at one point some one important! Well, a friend I met about a year ago randomly gave me a call and said hey! come meet me at this party! I haven't seen you in awhile i want you to stop by! So off to the party i went! I walked in the door my friend who invited me, Cory gave me a massive friend hug and then I realized I knew a couple people! Including Alex. I was not happy to see him there. But my night went on and I was happy and having an awesome time. I happened to glare at the most adorable thing I had ever seen. Noah, is his name. I fell in love. Love came up and smacked me in the face so hard. I fell instantly. My knees were so weak I was so shy and nervous because I was so shocked. Almost Star Struck, is what it felt like. These golden brown eyes, with this semi long brown hair....then there was the smile. Those dimples. Man, I hadn't seen anything as precious and as attractive and perfect. I wasn't blown away because of his looks, it was his charm. There was a special look in his eyes when they hit mine. I felt something from his looks he gave me and the whole time my eyes just wouldnt leave him. Of course, we were both to shy to say much but the flirty small talk. Anyways, later that night I noticed Noah and Alex hanging out in the kitchen and alex said, "man i can't believe you're really leaving me" i didn't think much of it. Maybe he was leaving the party? who knew. They were obviously friends and i was obviously not thrilled. "Bro Code" was my biggest fear. The night went on all the same. Simple small talk and lots of smiles thrown my way. It was time to leave and everyone was saying goodbye to, Noah. I thought, "man a lot of people like him!" til i shouted. "cya guys it was nice meeting you!" then i hear this cute voice, "no hug?! you won't see me again for a long time!" of course i ran straight over to him and said "wow. i just met you and now you're leaving me?" this is where i lost it. i knew he was something else. "I'm leaving for the Air Force for 6 months" i quickly said, "add me on facebook and get my number! i will be mailing you all the time!" well, I was excited so i added him first and he quickly responded back. I said " gosh, it really does suck you're leaving me and i didn't even talk that much to you:(" and he said, "i know! and i suck for not talking to the pretty girl!"

Everything from there up was perfect and i knew i wouldn't stop until i got him. 2 days later he was to leave for the air force and here i was falling for this silly boy i had just met. i couldn't explain how i felt. I've never had any feeling like that in my life. I wanted to see him so i could spend time with him before he left but he was busy and i completely understood he couldn't see me. i was sad but i was ok with it because i knew family and friends were more important than i was. He had just met me so of course i was just "some girl" you could say. Well, it's november 11, late at night. Noah is at his best friend, Alex's house. Noah had invited me over but said i had to ask alex. I then for some reason never got a response. which sucked but i just thought he was busy. Again i was understanding. Next day, Sunday... Noah's last day home. I was bummed. Majorly. I texted him and said to write me and that i would find him and send him letters and the basic goodbyes and good lucks. at this point i understood that he found out about me and alex talking for a short time and noah thought of me as "most girls". I was so deep in thought about him after he left. I couldn't shake how much feelings i had for this kid. I barely knew anything about him. But how could i just feel so strongly? i'm not sure. Moving on. I was on twitter about 3 days after Noah had left, still sad and down. I decided to look at Alex's page to see if he may of had Noah's address. I scrolled down a bunch and made sure to read everything just so Noah wouldn't be missed! As i'm reading I came across "Real bros dont try and talk to girls that there bro used to talk to or had feelings for #brocode". My heart was racing. I was heated. Angry, mad, upset, every negative emotion you could ever think of. Alex, ruined it for me. He did this to me and made me feel miserable. I was so hurt. Then I stopped in my tracks and said chill out rach. If you're so upset. Prove you're not most girls. So i did. I sent Noah a text telling him that I knew the reason he ignored me was because of alex and i told him i am not most girls and i really thought he was something special and that i had to make him mine. I wake up the next morning i'm feeling a bit better. I hear my phone but i was too upset to check it so i let it sit for 20 minutes. I stand up to check my phone and "Noah(:" shows up on my phone(: he sent me a text telling me he agreed with me and that he can't wait to see his "pretty girl" when he came back!(: I waited three long days until monday came around. I called the Air Force directory and got that boys address! I wrote him a 6 page letter just talking. I told him how i felt like he was something so amazing and great and i wanted to make him smile while he is away and all that cute stuff. Of course not for all six pages. I told him a lot about me and just random stories. I felt like i had no reason not to tell him anything. I feel like i can tell him anything in the world. I wrote three letters. about 15 pages total. i sent them all out on different days. I felt awesome and happy! i then checked my mail every day every hour like crazy. I hoped to get my letter back.... 5 days go by and i didn't get my letter. I was so crushed. I started second guessing if i was insane or not. i stayed in bed other than work for a day and a half. I sat on my couch and read my horoscope. Basically it said i have been feeling down about something lately and today was the day something would fall into place to start something new and wonderful. My first thought was, Noah. I instantly sprung up opened my door and seen the mail lady drive away. I picked up my phone for my best friends phone call as i walked to the mail box to check the mail. I opened the mail box and seen my name in there with the return address with his name on it. I FLIPPED OUT!!! I dropped my phone in the yard after screaming then almost ripped the whole thing into pieces from excitement of trying to open my letter! "Dear pretty girl!!! First thing's first i love your letters! every last bit of em! love em!" i balled, i was so happy and over joyed. nothing could explain how happy that moment was for me. In the letter Noah told me to write him tons and to keep them coming. He told me i wouldn't get letters too often but that's okay with me! I love waiting for his letters and him. I write him non stop. every chance i get. I've written on the inside of a box before. random paper i find whenever i'm not at home. I just can't stop writing now. i just always want to talk to him. I may not know everything about him but I do know that i'm mad about this man and i can't wait until his next letter! tomorrow's friday! i'm hoping tomorrow is the day for my next letter! I hope someone reads this and thinks of this story as a cute story and not some crazy young girl. I know what I want. And that's, my big strong handsome soldier, Noah(:
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This is cute lol i fell for Jaret my boyfriend! almost instantly and could stop thinking about him and wanted to be his! lol I'm 18 almost 19 too! And my boyfriend left on November 12thl! And graduates January 11!