Seymour Johnson Air Force base

Sooooo my babe is stationed at Seymour Johnson which is in Goldsboro Nc. okay, I should for sure be moving there in March of 2013. Pretty much the plan is for him to go home, get his car. Drive to me(which is 16 hours away) Pick me up, Drive to Savannah Ga (We will Elope here) then head back to Seymour Johnson and do the paperwork... only thing is I dont know anyone there and i want someone i can atleast hang out with until i get situated there. Sooooo ladies help! if anyone is here or knows of someone being here, PLEASE! have them email me:

or anyone else that needs to talk to someone, im always here. My email is linked to my iPhone so ill always get it! and ill always respond!
Simplisticsouthrnbelle Simplisticsouthrnbelle
22-25, F
Dec 13, 2012