My amazing Airman and I met in the nurse's office in high school. I was a senior in high school and worked as a staff assistant. While I was taking vitals for sick patients who didn't feel well, a boy with hair (longer than mine might I add) came in and talked to the nurse personally. She then asked me to take his vitals. From the moment we locked eyes, my life changed completely.
We started dating a month later after we spent some time getting to know each other. We dated for about two months before I finally graduated. He went to all of my events and was even a part of the guests who were able to attend my graduation. When it was time for me to move (my father is in the military and we had to PCS), he insisted on doing long distance because he said he had found his "diamond in the rough". (He totally stole that from the movie Aladdin >.>) I was very hesitant because I was about to commence a new chapter in my life as a college student in the following months. Nevertheless, I then agreed to doing long distance.
We have been dating for a little over two years now. He enlisted in the US Air Force as soon as he graduated from high school and he went to BMT this summer.
While he was away, my summer was HORRIBLE. I spent my entire summer working away to get enough money to pay my ticket to go to his graduation. I remember I had missed his first phone call he could make for 15 minutes because I was working.... I was miserable after I read that I had missed his call on my phone. But I made sure I kept writing to him every single day and would wait for a letter from him.
Finally, graduation week came along. I had the privilege of purchasing my airline ticket and sharing the graduation events with his family. However, nothing could ever compare to the moment I first saw him running at the Airman's Run. His hair was all gone, much to my dismay. He ran with his head held high, shouting out the jodies proudly with the rest of the men. He looked so damn good!!!! I was so overjoyed to see him that I began to yell out his name. He definitely heard me by the goofy smile he tried to contain... and so did his MTI... The MTI glared at me as I shouted his name.... I guess I could have controlled my excitement...
Our first kiss after months of being apart was amazing... Although it was only for five seconds, I felt complete again in his arms.
The rest of the weekend was memorable. We tapped out four other airmen to join us. Getting to know them all and hearing the stories from BMT was something I could never forget. The changes I saw from my boyfriend and the rest of the airmen was very unreal... He was courteous and more driven. We didn't really have much privacy, but every chance we had alone together, even if it was just for a few minutes, was amazing...
Finally it was Sunday, the last day of graduation... He and I are no strangers when it comes to farewells. When he would come to visit, we would always have a great time, but goodbyes NEVER get any easier. This was definitely not an exception to that. It was so hard leaving him behind but I was just happy knowing I would be able to hear from him at least.
Now that he is in Tech School, I thought I would be able to talk to him as much as we have before he left for Basic.... Boy was I wrong!!! I get to talk to him an hour or two every day... I know for some that is enough, but before BMT, we would always talk every chance we had. Now that the freedom to talk to him is also limited is definitely affecting me. However, I now realize that this is the reality we will have to face... A military long distance relationship is DEFINITELY different from a civilian one. That Eureka moment didn't come until a few weeks into Tech school. That being said, I am lucky enough to have him always make time for me. I didn't see it before, but now I am so grateful for the time we can talk.
I am currently a pre-nursing student and will begin to start taking my entrance exams soon. We are exploring our options whether to continue the long distance, or to make it official and close the distance by getting married. He suggested we get engaged and be married next summer that way I can be with him. I am not going to lie, I am not shy of marriage with him and will gladly get married to him now. He is my soulmate and my best friend. However, I am also very passionate about earning my nursing degree! I love the idea of having the confidence that I can maintain myself independently should something occur in the future. In any case, he is the one I see myself growing old with. He is the love of my life and I want to follow him wherever Uncle Sam will send him to.
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Reading this felt like I wrote it. I went to my boyfriends graduation just last week and it was an absolutely amazing experience. I thought he would be able to talk more in tech school too and yes it's definitely difficult.

Oh really? :) That is awesome!!! :D It's pretty ridiculous. Always look forward to the weekends though. They can stay up much longer!!! Hang in there girl, I am right there with you!!!!