My boyfriend will be leaving on june 20 for basics. By then we wll be together for a year and I half. I spend everyday with him, he is seriously my best friend and everything I could ever ask for. We are both friends with a couple that went through the same situation she is a senior in high school and he just finished basics. They are now engaged. I hope for the same thing he's everything to me and I really don't know what I am going to do with out him. Any advice to keep me occupied?
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They changed his date to October 18. We are planning on getting engaged before he leaves and we talk about it frequently. After the 8.5 weeks of basics he has to go through 6 months of tech school on the complete opposite side of the country. We are young but i know the distance is only going to make our relationship grow stronger. Has anyone been through the tech school experience that can answer some of my questions.

The best i have ever thought of is just that keep busy! Family, friends, and work. try to keep your mind off of it. and if you count down to when he comes back that only makes it harder and go by slower.