We Wanna Get Married... But Im Not Sure How.

I live in Tennessee. He just left AIT at Fort Lee in Petersburg V.A. for South Dakota. He got to come home for a week, but in that week we really didnt get much done. :( .< We wanna get married But Im not sure how.... what are the "rules" and how much is it?
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1 Response Aug 10, 2011

Hey lady. My husband just left for BMT two days ago! We got married on the third.. Where are you wanting to get married? I'm from Tennessee. You should do it. If thats what you both want to do then I say go for it. My Airman and I got married in a courthouse this time and will do a ceremony when he comes home. It was fifty for the guy we got to do it and 30 for the marriage license not too bad at all. But I am in Virginia at the moment so it could be different.