Boyfriend Left For Basic And So New To This Help!!!!

Where to begin.  Over a year ago my boyfriend and I discussed him joining the Air National Guard and following in his parents footsteps.  We agreed that if this was something he wanted that we would work through it.  We have been dating for almost two years and he just left for basic two days ago.  While my dad was a veteran he was out of service long before I was even thought of, therefore I have no experience with military and loved ones.  The last I had heard from my boyfriend was that he had landed in Texas, was safe, and would be calling me again within 72 hours to give me his address to send him letters.  It has been just over 48 hours and still no call... Should I be worried? or is it normal for it to take this long?
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Thank you so much. He did end up calling his dad and his dad passed on the information thankfully. And I had no idea about the Facebook page thank you so much!

He might call his mom? I know my boyfriend called his mom with the information... just make sure you have your phone on at all times and have a pen and paper handy too because he will get about 30 seconds and won't be able to say anything to you. It will sound uniform, if he sounds angry that's totally normal, they have their MTI (military training instructors) yelling at them the entire time. If you have any questions just message me! My boyfriend is done with basic and tech and is off to his first duty station (Alaska) :( Don't be worried though! They're more safe at the ba<x>se than they are anywhere else in the world for real lol when you go for graduation you'll see how safe and structured everything is. Also, once you figure out his address and what squadron/flight he's in go on Facebook to the AF Wingmoms page. On there you can join a private group of family members/girlfriends/wives of people with guys in your man's flight! (The girls you'll meet in the group, their significant others are in the same group in basic as your boyfriend!) It's really awesome because they're going through the exact same thing week by week just like you, and when I went for graduation I met up with all of the girl's I had met on there... and we still talk a lot!